Thursday 4 November 2021

Holiday Gift Guide When Shopping At Walmart!

Dynamic duo Bethany Halford and Amanda Jerkins, smart shoppers and the brains behind Whoa, Wait. Walmart?, use their diverse backgrounds in fashion and interiors to hunt down surprisingly cool items from the aisles of the retailer. Each time the gals pop into a Walmart, they become your personal shoppers, and share their high-end looks on a low-end budget with over 334,000 of their very best (virtual) friends.


To help you shop smarter, not harder this holiday season, they created a list (and checked it twice) of some of their top items to add to your shopping cart. Please advise if you would like an interview on being budget-friendly this holiday season or would like to repurpose their recommendations (samples not available).


Gift Guide for Moms:

Calming Gift Set: Help Mom unwind after a long day with lavender essential oil and a beautiful rattan diffuser. Bonus: It doubles as decor, too! Lavender is known for its calming properties, so we love diffusing the oil or adding it to bathwater. 


Skincare Gift: Gua Sha and jade rollers are great ways to massage your face and neck. Both of these tools feel amazing, so Mom can relax while helping her skin out. Here’s a tutorial!


Cozy Gift: A good pair of house shoes is a staple for all moms. But, sometimes we forget to replace the worn-out pair we already have. These are SO soft and will keep her feet warm and cozy all winter long. 


Sweet Memories Gift: Framing some of the kids’ artwork or a few pictures she has in her favorites folder on her phone will show Mom just how much you care. She’ll be thrilled to hang the sweet memories on the wall, but more so that she didn’t have to do the legwork herself. 


Accessories Gift: Giving jewelry can be tricky. We suggest getting Mom some pieces like these from the Scoop line. They’re gold-plated, so they’ll hold up better than typical costume jewelry, but they aren’t pricey like fine jewelry (that she’d want to pick out on her own). 


Gift Guide for Kids: 


Dude Perfect 101 Tricks, Tips, and Cool Stuff: Dude Perfect videos are so fun to watch as a family, and this book is the perfect addition to your kid’s library. There are tons of fun tricks and tips, plus motivational content as well. 


Walkie Talkies: This toy is a necessity for kids who love creative play. We love that this set also comes with binoculars. Let the adventure begin! 



Interactive Pet: If your daughter is an animal lover and nurturer, she’s sure to be a great mom to this sweet interactive pig by Little Live Pets. 


Playset: Bluey is a big hit with girls so we know that Bluey’s house will score at your house, too. This playset is the perfect backdrop for hours of pretend play with your daughter’s favorite pup. 



SEQUENCE for Kids: A classic game that everyone should have in their toy closet. It’s one of our favorites because all of our kids can play, even the youngest who can’t read just yet. 


Book Series: Bad Kitty is so clever and fun that our kids can’t put these books down. They actually read and re-read them which we absolutely love! 


Craft Kit: This craft kit has it all! Give it as a gift and you are giving endless possibilities to create. 


CD Player: That’s right, a CD player! Why? Because you have a huge CD collection just waiting to be discovered by your kids. This is a great gift for older kids and gives them some freedom to choose their own music. 


Lightboxes: Our kids love their lightboxes! It’s great for all ages and is a fun item to add to your drawing supplies. 


Rock Kit: Raise your hand if your kids collect rocks? This is a super fun rock tumbler kit that will continue their love of rocks into adulthood. 





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About Whoa, Wait. Walmart?:

Amanda is shopping at the Nashville, TN stores. Bethany is shopping at the NW Arkansas stores. Check out their magazine, now available at ALL Walmart locations.

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