Thursday 4 November 2021

Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Kitchen Renovation

If you're set on remodeling your kitchen in the near future, there's many a money-saving tips you can use to get the most out of your work. Education is the best way to make informed decisions without costly mistakes. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can save money, get the most out of your investment, and turn your kitchen into the ultimate hang-out spot. 

Pay Attention to Workflow

If you love to cook, then one important money-saving tip is to maximize your workflow. Think about where the busiest areas are in your kitchen. Odds are those spots are going to be the stove, the fridge, and the sink, sometimes known as the work triangle. Make sure all three of those things are placed in accessible locations and close enough to one another. While you're at it, plan on updating your appliances too, because you'll save money over time. A fridge from the 1980s used four times as much electricity as modern fridges, so you're sure to bring your energy costs down.

Don't Skimp On Counter Space

Last year, the third most common renovation project in U.S. homes was a kitchen renovation. So if you're going to do it, do it right. Counter space is one of the most important things you can save in a kitchen, so make sure you're not giving up space for the sake of other things. Also, make sure that you choose the right material for any counters that you do end up installing; you can check out the article linked here to learn about the differences between porous and non-porous countertops, for example, and can use this to guide your final decision. You can also extend your kitchen workspace by adding shelving around your kitchen.


You might have big plans for a kitchen renovation, but the most important money-saving tip you can use is to create a budget and stick to it. You need to decide what features you want the most and accordingly allocate funds. As an example, cabinets take up about a third of a kitchen budget. Flooring, such as hardwood flooring, can be costly, but also provides a huge return on investment, sometimes as high as 106%.

Use All Your Space

In the midst of installing new appliances, cabinets and maximizing your counter space, it's important that you don't let kitchen space go unused. As an example, you can install toe-kick storage to put underneath your cabinet doors. By using all your space, your kitchen will be free of clutter and you'll maximize the potential of your kitchen.

Think About the Big Picture

As you plan your kitchen remodel, think about every aspect of the remodel and what your new kitchen will look like. Consider that you want every element in the kitchen to tie together, so have a big picture plan instead of trying to knock out the renovation in pieces. For example, if you're going to do a certain color scheme in your kitchen, make sure you plan out each step to make sure your final product looks exactly the way you want it. Match up your counters, appliances and walls with your fancy new custom-made doors from a company such as Lovech to create the perfect kitchen.

Don't Work Alone

Even if you think you've got the perfect vision for your kitchen remodel, you don't want to go it alone. Before you start anything, consult with a professional Kitchen remodeler in Scottsdale, AZ, or wherever you may be located. He or she may be able to offer some recommendations or tips you haven't previously considered.

Don't Discount Storage

You definitely want to maximize the space in your kitchen, but don't skip over storage details during renovation. You'll be thankful for add-ons like cabinet expansions or drawer dividers, or pullouts for your pantry. These will help you save money and a great deal of frustration down the road.

A kitchen renovation can be one of the greatest moves you can make for your home. With the right moves, you can increase and maximize your kitchen space, upgrade your appliances, create enough space to store everything you need, and host plenty of future family gatherings.

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