Thursday 9 December 2021

2022 New Year Resolution: De-Clutter Your Home With These 8 Tips

No matter how neat and clean your home is, things can pile up quickly and leave your living space looking like a mess. However, don't worry If this seems all too familiar, as you're not alone in the struggle to declutter your home. In fact, millions of homeowners everywhere are constantly dealing with clutter day in and day out. That said, organizing and ridding your living space of clutter has tons of perks and advantages. The less you have to deal with, the fewer things you'll have to clean and organize. 

Furthermore, decluttering your home will provide you with some moving space and prevent you from bumping into things in your way. Lastly, and most importantly, decluttering your living space will allow you to reduce unwanted stress. So, now that you know of the many benefits associated with decluttering your home, listed below are a few tried and tested home decluttering tips that you should definitely follow this coming year. 

1)      Consider Renting A Storage Unit

One of the most effective ways to rid your living space of unnecessary clutter is by renting a self-storage unit. In fact, it is the best approach for homeowners who have more stuff in their house than they can handle. Moreover, utilizing a storage unit is also perfect for keeping items that hold sentimental value without throwing them away in the trash can. Finding a storage unit near your home is as easy as going online and searching for one. For instance, if you live in Shreveport, Louisiana, consider googling the term Shreveport storage units to shortlist a few storage facilities in your locality. 


2)      Get Rid Of Unwanted Items

Of course, parting ways with items with significant sentimental value is easier said than done. After all, chances are they might remind you of some old, good memories with family and friends. However, keeping stuff that doesn't add any value to your home creates unwanted clutter that can be avoided in the first place. So, consider throwing away, selling, or donating these items to open up much-needed space inside your living space. 


Instead of throwing these items in the garbage, donate them to a charity of your choice. Chances are, your local charity will actually end up using them.


3)      Make The Best Use Of Under-The-Sink Space

Instead of adding more vanity space inside your bathroom, make the best use of under-the-sink space by installing stackable plastics drawers and labeled bins and baskets. What's more, you can also utilize such out-of-sight storage space to store things that you want to keep away from your guests line of sight. Moreover, instead of randomly placing all your bathroom essentials all around your bathroom, consider installing a toiletry rack to store toothbrushes, hair combs, bathroom towels, toothpaste, and more. 


4)      Add More Cabinetry Space To Your Kitchen 

When you're looking to declutter your kitchen, it is all about keeping all the kitchen essentials organized and in their rightful locations. After all, no homeowner wants to prepare meals in a messy, out-of-place kitchen. So, consider using your kitchen cabinetry to your advantage, regardless of its type or size. 


5)      Get Rid Of Duplicate Items

It is a no-brainer to avoid falling victim to the 'I can use this later' approach. Unfortunately, this mindset will probably end up doing you more harm when it comes to decluttering your living space. So, while you might have kept a few less-useful items around when you upgraded your home, multiple items similar in nature should be stored in a storage unit, unless these items are light bulbs or batteries. Such an approach will help you immensely when you declutter your closets or drawers. Listen to us when we tell you this; there is no need to keep five black t-shirts in your wardrobe. Instead, you'll be better off with a couple.


6)      Properly Utilize Wall Space

It will probably be in your best interest to use your home's walls whenever possible. For instance, consider installing a few hooks on your living room walls to hang up picture frames instead of randomly keeping them on your coffee table. You can do the same for your bedrooms by placing a few bags and coat hangers behind your rooms' doors. Not to mention, you can also keep your shoe collection clean and organized by storing them in shoe racks. 


7)      Don't Forget To Stick Labels On Everything

You might have seen million of unique organization ideas online. However, do you ever wonder why every living space picture on Pinterest looks this amazing? So the next time you look at a few of these images, look closely; everything is labeled correctly. Before you grab your labeling gun and sit down to label every item, storage box, or basket, get rid of things you no longer need. After all, labeling unwanted things will probably eat up more time. After you're done throwing them away, slowly but surely label everything you can get your hands on. Furthermore, invest in a good label maker. Doing so will enable you to mark items quickly and efficiently. 


8)      Save Digital Copies Of Your Photos

Gone is the time when homeowners used to own piles upon piles of physical family photo albums. These albums used to be bulky and would take up space that could be better utilized for something else. So, consider scanning these albums and storing digital versions of your photos on your computer or laptop. However, to take this to the next level, upload your photos to the cloud to keep them secure and available for viewing whenever required. 


Getting rid of your clutter from your home and life is in no way an overnight process. Instead, the entire process requires time, effort, and a lot of preplanning. You will probably be able to accomplish more when you declutter your home little by little rather than putting in an allnighter. So, whatever your decluttering strategies, consider the tips mentioned in this, and you'll be well on your way to having a home that has little to no clutter.

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