Tuesday 7 December 2021

How To Give The Thoughtful Gift Of Pleasure This Holiday Season?

Buying a holiday gift is usually pretty complicated, especially if you give it to someone whose reaction matters. It can often happen that something meant as fun or sweet becomes the worst idea ever. But even so, LELO thinks that a gift of pleasure can make a pretty thoughtful one; if planned precisely, of course. Dr. Laurie Mintz, professor of psychology and licensed sex therapist, told us just how to buy a sex toy for a friend, partner, or anyone else on your holiday shopping list.

Even though we believe that everyone would benefit from owning and using sex toys, the topic of sex still makes a lot of people uncomfortable. So, giving a sex toy to someone who is completely closed to sexual experimenting is like giving a Mcdonald's gift card to a vegetarian. So, this is how Dr. Mintz suggests starting: "First, I'd recommend giving sex toys only to those friends who you've discussed sex with at some point in time or those you know are open to new experiences." Okay, so after deciding which friend, we suggest having fun with it. Get them your personal favorite or any toy that looks fun to you. According to Dr. Mintz, rule number one here goes like this: "Give the one you like! That way, you can give it a personal recommendation!"Also, if you aren't sure or just delving into the wonderful world of sex toys yourself, any toy would be a great choice. And, to make the gift even more unique, throw in some personal moisturizer and a sex toy cleaner. Then write a great note with it; tell them you care about their pleasure and that this is the gift that will keep the pleasure coming (pun intended) all year long! You can even pull out some scientific facts for your female friends who need some extra reassurance; tell them that research shows that women who use vibrators have easier and more frequent orgasms and that you wanted to give them a scientifically sound gift. "For female friends, I'd suggest a clitoral vibrator since research tells us that 85% - 96% of women need clitoral stimulation to experience orgasm. Give one that has multiple speeds and vibration patterns.  And, if it's their first toy, it may be good to give a discreet looking one such as MIA 2LILY 2, or ORA 3",  added Dr. Mintz.

When giving sex toys to partners, you have to agree that it can be a more personal gift than a new pair of socks; you are not giving a toy just like an object; you are giving an entrance to new experiences. And who doesn't want that type of sparkle for the holidays? Sex toys for couplesmake an enjoyable choice for both of you, but experimenting is also a choice here, depending on your partner's preferences and wishes, of course.

It's probably a bad idea to give a sex toy to your boss, but what about family members? "Depends on your family and your relationship with them. Is sex a comfortable topic in your family, or do you want to make it one?  Apply the same rules to your family like your friends we discussed above.", suggested Dr. Mintz.

Anyhow, start talking to people around you about sex, like you'd talk about anything else - and do this all year long!  Sex is only an uncomfortable topic because society tells us this is so, and you don't have to listen to this. Tell people you are close to how much you enjoy your sex toy. Then, when you give them one as a gift, they will know you are sharing your joy with them. Plus, talking about sex with your friends can be fun, informative, and normalizing!

“Most of all, the more comfortable you are, the more people you are gifting sex toys will be. If you laugh and joke and share how much you like yours when they open the gift, it will be more fun. If you stammer and look awkward and embarrassed, this will be equally as contagious as your comfort.”, concluded Dr. Mintz.

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