Sunday 26 December 2021

Finally, A DIY Home Project Anyone Can Do

You just relocate to new home and you are out of budget to hire the professional to meet the home decoration requirement. Well this blog surely going to help you in this task. Instead of hiring interior decorators you can flow your creative juices and make your home look like you want. We know it’s a time consuming process but if you really want to achieve something that is out of ordinary you really need to put in your efforts. Here we are going to add some beautiful DIY home makeover tricks and tips to get the home decoration you dreamt about. So let’s get it started. 

Think About the Theme of Home

You might have an idea about which color and which pattern will suit to your home look. 

So Before making any plan use technology like youtubeand home makeover inspirational contents to find the color scheme and patterns Once you decide the color and style of home you will instantly get the idea about how to upgrade the other areas like kitchen, closet doors, and balcony and bed room. 

Use Wallpaper instead of Painting

Yes that would save lots of your bucks. Temporary peel and stick wallpaper are easily available in super marketand you can easily fix them on your own. You just need to select the wall paper design that suits your home style. This way you can save lots of bucks on painting walls. Wallpapers are readily available to fix on the wall, so it saves lots of time, money and efforts.

Use Antique Things to Get the Ultimate Ethnic look

Worry not if you are not able to go and buy home decoration things. You can use wine bottles as a hanging lamp. Use antique cups to decorate live flowers in it. Use antique things like small rustic bycucle, antique pieces like Krishna sculpture, Buddha idol to enhance the look of corner. You can also use ceramic mugs to repot succulents. So this is how you can upcycle those unusedproducts and give a rustic look to new home.

Use Engraved Photo Frames to Add Some Emotions on Wall

Well engraved photo frames easily available in online store. So you can buy them to add some family photo or memorable photos in it. No matter you live in long distance relationship the picture will speak about the story of unity and harmony in family.

Add Some Greens Instead of Faux Decoration

We know there is a need of houseplant in homes. Houseplant just not elevates the beauty of home but also help in removing the toxins and impurities from home. On the other hand it’s a cheap version then those costly artificial plants. You can choose houseplants like snake plant, boston fern, miniature bonsai tree, spider plant, peace lily plant, succulents to add some tropical beauty in homes. 

Use Spray Paint to Upgrade Old chairs

Some dining chairs lose its charm and polish after some period of time. You can easily find the wooden spray paint or spray paint in the market. You can re-polish the wooden chairs and make them look like they are just brought from the market. Instead calling sofa cleaners you can clean sofa using sofa cleaning agents. This can help saving lots of your money. 

Make Kitchen Garden 

If you have good space in kitchen you can elevate the space by growing herbs in kitchen garden. This is a new concept arrived in the home improvement. You can grow your herbs so it makes you healthy. Herb garden also bring some spice scent in homes. 

Use Scented Candles to Improve the Air quality

You can learn the techniques of making scented candles at home. Scented candles spread heavenly fragrance in homes. It removes the stinking of peel and stick bathroom wallpaper or new paint smell in home. If you wish you can buy that earth friendly diffuser to improve the air quality in home. This can help bring the positive vibes in homes. Also it ignites the mood for making love. 

So here are some thoughtful and inspirational tricks about home makeover. There are so many creative ideas you can do to transform your simple home into home of dreams. But we have limit of words. But I am sure these tricks surely going to help you in showing your style statement. Hope it helps.

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