Sunday 27 February 2022

10 Must-Try Ways of Loving Yourself Through Your Divorce


Getting a divorce is one of the toughest and possibly lowest points in anyone’s life. In fact, fully getting through divorce can even take years for some people. With this in mind, there’s no harm in trying to make living through divorce easier for yourself. After all, there is no way you can be ready to love again if you don’t love yourself first. Below are 10 expert tips from the professionals at Haywood Hunt & Associates Inc.on how you can do this!

Let Yourself Be You

Giving yourself permission to be you may sound trivial but is actually the most empowering way to give yourself some love. So what if you have a weird laugh? Who cares if you love wearing neon orange and bright red together? You shouldn’t be apologizing for being you. 

Do Something You Love and Give It Your All

Have you heard the phrase, “dance like no one is watching?” You should totally do that! Or perhaps sing like no one’s listening if that is your thing. The point is about giving yourself the go signal to have a great time.

Create a Bucket List and Make Sure You Tick Off the Whole List

Stop thinking what others may want for your life and think about what you want for yourself. Write a list of all the things you’d want to do and be sure that you keep crossing off things on that list. You only live once!

Make Your Health A Priority

There are so many ways to cope with a divorce but most of them aren’t very healthy. Why not take care of yourself by making your health a priority? A few bottles of green juice would suffice if you’re not a gym buddy and a quick general check-up would be great for a start

Try Writing Affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful tool to fill your mind with positivity and keep yourself motivated. Make sure that you place your short affirmations where you can easily see and read them.

Find Reasons to Reward Yourself 

Every small accomplishment is an achievement. Something simple like getting all the laundry done is a great thing, so do yourself a favour and celebrate little triumphs. Remember that each moment counts so small things do add up!

Be Mindful of What You Think

Bad thoughts can ruin your entire day. A few moments of doubting yourself can result in you losing track of all that you’ve done so far. Be sure to learn to stop yourself when you begin thinking of negative thoughts. 

Find Reasons to Laugh and Smile

Finding joy in the smallest of things can do wonders in lifting your spirits and making you feel good. Laughter releases hormones that help you cope with stress too.

Give Yourself Time to Smell the Roses

It is often the case that those going through a divorce pushes themselves to work or keep busy to the point that they simply tire themselves out. Taking time to slow down and enjoy life’s little moments (such as having your favourite meal or catching up on sleep) is not only well-deservedbut can save your sanity too. 

Go for a Pampering Session

Pampering yourself need not be about luxury. You can give yourself a spa-like treatment at home by soaking in the tub surrounded by candles or perhaps applying your favourite face mask. This is all about having time for the small things that you enjoy.

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