Sunday 27 February 2022

7 Signs You Have a Leaky Gut & How To Fix It

Are you chronically under the weather but don't know the cause? Do you struggle to think clearly or recall information? It's frustrating to keep writing out notes and rack your brain for something that should be right on the tip of your tongue. In those annoying moments, you can't pinpoint the cause!

A leaky gut can affect mood, physical health and mental focus. Therefore, the answer may lie in your belly's health. Don't live in a fog or state of agitation! Instead, learn to treat your tummy right by using detox products and embracing clean, healthy living.

How Does a Gut Leak?

Wait? How does something leave the stomach? The very concept perhaps seems strange. That organ, you would think, is impenetrable. According to Harvard Health Publishing, the belly and intestinal lining can weaken from various exposures and states, creating small openings.

These vulnerable spots allow toxins, viruses, bacteria and digested food to escape from the stomach, where they enter into the body's tissue and bloodstream. As a result, you lose beneficial bacteria that protect the stomach's environment and lead to increased inflammation and other frustrating symptoms.

What Are Leaky Gut Symptoms?

How do you know if your stomach is calling the shots? Start reflecting on how you feel regularly. Jot down notes about changes in energy levels, diet and physical state. Then, review the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation's, CDHF's, information about the seven most common symptoms. If any of the following sound familiar, leaky gut could be your trouble:

Chronic bouts of confusion
Occasional skin breakouts and rashes 
Trouble focusing on tasks
Frequent headaches
Undetermined joint pain
Off and on digestive discomfort
Consistent lack of energy

If you marked some of these descriptors, reflect on your daily belly care. 

Lifestyle Changes To Help Heal Your Gut

You can find a more invigorated and clear-headed you with a proper diet and supplement regimen. Certain foods may agitate the digestive lining, leading to more swelling and other issues.

Cleanse your system after a night out by looking for holistic options that clear out bothersome beverages and foods. Select something that works with the body's natural cleansing processes. Detoxes such as a good hangover solution flush the body of its irritants, helping to restore energy and reduce swelling.

CDHF emphasizes that processed foods, sugar, refined oils and alcohol rank among the top factors. Remove them from your diet. Enjoy them as a special treat, with most of your meals centered around vegetables, fruit, lean meats and cultured dairy products.

If problems persist, keep a journal of daily dining. Note any reactions you have throughout the day. You may find that you have issues with cheese or particular vegetables. If so, eliminate them and see how you feel in the next few days.

Enjoy life and your time out with friends and family. However, keep in mind that after an evening of indulgence, your stomach needs some help. Making the right choices supports your stomach lining, helping to keep it strong. Know how to detox after drinking too much, and get back on track with your nutrition.

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