Monday 28 February 2022

Top 5 Ways To Make Everyday Exciting As A Couple

Having an exciting and romantic relationship does not just happen on its own you both need to put in work, time, and dedication. Love is powerful and does wonders all on its own but what happens when you begin to lose that spark? Flames can be reignited and feelings can be rediscovered and these are the best ways to get started:

1. Take the time to talk to each other. This does not mean discussing bills and the kids, take the time to talk about each other and the thoughts and feelings that have been on your mind. Be honest and ask questions because being heard and understood is one of the best feelings! Showing someone that you care and aren’t just going through the everyday motions can truly help a couple bond. 

2. Make time for sex, cuddling, and kissing. When was the last time you walked up to your husband and just planted one on them? How often do you snuggle or hug each other for no reason? Do you remember the last time you had impromptu sex? Make time to connect in these ways a top priority and make it spontaneous, a quickie in the shower can boost mood exponentially. A quick rub and tug while driving can restart that fire you know is within. And if you find yourself too tired at night power through it, because these times won’t last forever and once you get going the energy will come to you in a wave of ecstasy! Begin with some attentive four play and excite the body with Biird

3. Send sweet and sexy messages throughout the day. Let your lover know you are thinking about them during the day. Even if it’s just a quick “I love you sexy” or “can’t wait until tonight” with a sexy picture this can help feed the brain those much needed endorphins that can make the day go by in a much better mindset. You never know what your partner is going through when they are at work and maybe they are having a crappy day, this might be just what they need to change their thought process and have a better day. 

4. Explore each other’s fantasies. We all have likes and dislikes and these are also apparent in between the sheets. Something you may have seen in a porno may not be comfortable for your partner, things that worked before may not anymore. You may wish to try something new, but new toys, or explore different positions, talk about it or give it a try next time you drop your pants. Communication is the best way to have the greatest sex life. 

5. Learn about your partner and what’s new in the world of sex! Lelo has information made readily available across their website, blog and social channels to help you become a sexual guru! They can teach you about topics you never even thought about as well as topics you may have wanted to learn more about but never got around to exploring. Education and communication are some of the most powerful tools you can use on the path to an exciting and romantic relationship! 

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