Wednesday 23 February 2022

Childproofing Your Home: Nursery Checklist

Coming back from the hospital with a newborn means having a whole new set of responsibilities at home. While newborns spend most of their time in their crib rather than crawling around the house, they may still be exposed to hazards. 
According to’s 2022 Annual Childproofing Report, 4 out of 10 parents believed a child’s injury could have been avoided had they taken proper child proofing precautions in and around the home. shares the following tips on how to keep your new born’s environment comfortable and safe from hazards:
>> Have A Safe Crib Area: 
Keep the area around your baby’s crib clear of heavy objects, artwork, or mobile objects that could potentially fall on your child and cause an injury. 
>> Keep Diapers Out Of Reach:
If you use disposable diapers, make sure to properly cover them with your baby’s clothing. If your child is able to reach and pick at the diaper, they could suffocate if they tear off pieces of the plastic liner and swallow them.
>> Install Smoke Detectors: 
Install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in or near your baby’s room so you can be aware of any hazards in the nursery.
>> Beware of Unintentional Suffocation: 
While every parent wants their baby to feel warm and cozy in their sleep - large blankets, pillows and stuffed animals may present suffocation and strangulation hazards. Use smaller blankets instead, or add one layer of clothing to your baby for bedtime. 

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