Wednesday 23 February 2022

The Challenge of Moving to a Smaller Home

It’s often difficult to change the environment we spend so much time in. You need to get used to the new living space and neighborhood, and dealing with the moving organization can be tough. However, if you know what to expect and prepare well, everything can be smoother and more stress-free. This guide will introduce you to the challenges of moving to a smaller home. If such relocation is something you need to go through soon – you’re in the right place. Here’s what to expect and how to deal with common issues.

Why moving to a smaller home may be a great idea? 

Yes, having more space is the main advantage of a big house. However, there are situations when a smaller home seems like the best solution. For example, downsizing is common for people dealing with an empty nest after their kids have moved out. Also, maintaining a smaller home is much more cost-efficient, but it also saves energy and time. You’ll enjoy lower bills and need less time to keep it clean and tidy. Saving money and time can help you enjoy some other things in life, such as traveling. That’s why many people decide to sell the big house and move into a smaller, more convenient one. However, this comes with a set of challenges, so let’s see what you can expect from such a move.

There are several reasons why moving to a smaller home is a great idea. 

The challenge of downsizing 

Making your household smaller is not only about fitting into a smaller house. It’s about letting unnecessary things go and opting for more innovative solutions. This physical act can also be the chance to downsize mentally, too. This means that having a decluttered home with less furniture will give you a clear mind and also make you more comfortable in your home. However, this process is not that easy.

Emotional aspect 

Leaving many things behind is often challenging for those who tend to attach emotionally to their belongings. If you’re one of them, try to take a more practical attitude in this process. Surely, you don’t need to get rid of absolutely everything – keep items that mean a lot to you. But try to remove all the things that eat up your living space and have little or no sentimental value. Also, you can try to digitize some of your memories – scan or take pictures and keep the memory of those items without them taking up space.

It’s not easy to give up on memories – find a smart way to preserve them. 

Removing common unnecessary pieces from your home 

Apart from items that hold sentimental value, you’ll have to get rid of things that you no longer use or items that are damaged, outdated, etc. Moving into a smaller home is the perfect moment to clear up your household from things that have been waiting for you to use or repair for too long. Recycle, donate or sell, and make sure you find these items a better purpose. 

Bonus tip: don’t forget to have a system when decluttering your home. Going through all of your items can take time, so be sure to start this process early. Do it in sections, room by room, closet by closet, and ensure you’ve got everything covered. 

Every home contains items we no longer need – declutter and find them a better purpose. 

Replacing big furniture 

When moving to a smaller home is certain, start considering the size of your current furniture. Some pieces may not fit anymore, so you’ll have to replace them with a smaller/slimmer version. Start by taking measurements of your current pieces, take the new place’s floor plan and see if your items will fit. If some of them are too big for you now, try selling them online or in a garage sale. This will help you earn some money and buy new furniture for your smaller home. 

Remember: buying new furniture is the perfect opportunity to find multi-purpose pieces that will save you a lot of space in the new home. Always pick pieces that have some additional built-in storage or items that can convert into something else. These are way more practical and space-efficient – perfect for smaller homes. 

Find a smaller version of the furniture for your new home. 

Moving to a smaller home – organizing the move 

One of the challenges of switching to a smaller home is organizing the process of relocation. It doesn’t matter how big your household is – moving house is always a challenge. However, there are ways to make this far more smooth and stress-free.

Include the whole family 

Planning with your loved ones is much easier. That’s why you should assign roles to everyone involved. Also, tell your kids about the move and talk to them on time to ensure you can help them prepare for this step – physically and emotionally. Do your best to explain the reasons behind this move, introduce the following steps and help them feel part of the process.

Pack on time 

Give yourself time to pack – you can start after decluttering. It’s important to have enough time to pack properly, so don’t do it in a rush. Use safe packing methods and reliable packing supplies to ensure everything arrives in one piece.

Have an expert to rely on 

Another thing that should be reliable and professional is your moving team. Supreme Movers advise their clients to double-check the company they hire and compare a couple of options. This will help them get a better deal and choose the safest moving scenario for their family.

Is lack of space truly an issue? 

The most common thing people say when asked about the challenges of moving to a smaller home is the lack of space. However, it’s more about your lifestyle needs and priorities. You can solve the lack of space in several ways – appropriate furniture positioning, multi-purpose pieces, smart storage ideas, renting a storage unit, etc. So, don’t worry about your next move – with the right mindset, you will find a house of any size comfortable and enjoyable for your family.

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