Tuesday, 15 February 2022

How to be a Good Neighbor and Bring Kindness Back

If there is anything that the past couple of years have taught us, it’s that having good neighbors in your neighborhood makes all the difference and that a little kindness goes a long way.


Whether you’re looking to return the favor to your awesome neighbors or you’re looking to spark that change, here are some things that you can do to make a positive difference in your neighborhood.


Welcoming New Neighbors

First impressions aren’t always everything, but a good first impression to new neighbors goes a long way. Greeting new neighbors can help make them feel more comfortable in a new neighborhood.


Think back to when you first moved in; what insider knowledge would have helped you? It’s likely that those tips are exactly what your new neighbors are looking for.


Sending over a welcome basket or inviting your new neighbors over for a drink are great ideas to reach out and see what your new neighbor needs help with.


In either case, writing a welcome letter about your neighborhood is helpful. Your new neighbors can tack it on the fridge and keep it as a reference. Include lists of all your favorite local spots so that your new neighbors can really get to know the neighborhood.



Characteristics of a Good Neighbor

Picture what you think makes a good neighbor. You’re likely thinking of someone who is kind, trustworthy and respectful of boundaries. It doesn’t take a lot to be considerate of your neighbors but it is sure to foster lasting community benefits.


Think about how you can embody kindness, trustworthiness and respectfulness in your neighborhood and be the best neighbor for your community.

New Neighbor Letter

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