Monday 7 February 2022

Why You Should Introduce Children to Music Early On


Music is such an important part of life, and introducing it to your children early on in their lives – perhaps even before they are born – is crucial. Children have been shown to understand music much more easily than other methods of communication, and this is likely to be because of the emotions they can pick up from it. Clearly, human beings have an innate understanding of music. Read on to find out exactly why you should introduce your children to music as early as possible. 


It Keeps Children Calm

It’s amazing just how much good music can do, and one of those good things is that it can keep children calm or calm them down if they are getting upset. This is ideal if your child is tired or hungry. For example, while you are preparing their food or bedtime routine, if you play music for them, they will be calmer. This, in turn, will help you stay calm, and everyone will have a better time. 


Of course, some music is more calming than others, and it might take some time to find the ideal tune that will reduce your child’s stress. One idea is to have a personalized song created for you at Songly. When you do this, it will be unique and special, and not only will it help to calm your child, but it will make for some wonderful memories in the future. 


It Helps with Sensory Development 

Children need help to develop their sensory skills, which include touch, vision, and hearing. When they listen to music, these sensory skills can be developed much further and faster. Music assists in connecting different nerves which means children are better able to understand language and any actions associated with it, especially when the songs they are hearing have actions included. 


It Develops Motor Skills 

It’s incredible, but music allows your child to develop their fine motor skills. When they listen to music, they will want to move to the tune. Because this gives them a reason to move, and one that they can replicate time and time again until they are much better practiced. Every time they hear the same piece of music, they will remember how to move, and the more they move, the stronger they will become. 


It Builds Intimacy 

Music is everywhere and part of everyone’s lives in one way or another. Therefore, it makes sense that music can build intimacy – a bond – between parents and their children. As mentioned above, music can help to create good memories, and you might associate a song with a certain person or event. Every time you hear it, you’ll remember those good times. So,of course, giving children the experience of music at a young age will help them to build these connections and form a bond that will last; they will have good memories just like you will, and whether you’re apart or together, hearing that music will make you feel great.

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