Monday 4 April 2022

Buy Ethanol: Uses, Benefits, Purchasing

 Do you need to buy ethanol online? Look no further. 


You have probably come across alcohol in sanitizers. But did you know that liquid is an essential reagent in many industrial processes? 


Here are five ways to use the solvent and places you can purchase it. But first,

What is Ethanol?

Alcohol is a volatile, highly flammable, colorless liquid. You'll get the solvent when you ferment grains, corn, barley, sugarcane, or sorghum with yeast and lactobacilli. 


And companies use that method to make beer, liquor, or wine. Alternatively, you can hydrate ethylene using sulfuric acid as a catalyst. 


Companies sell ethanol as ethyl or grain alcohol at different percentages depending on the concentration you need. Therefore, you’ll get industrial alcohol ranging from 70 to 100%. 


Some people also add denaturants such as methanol, acetone, isopropyl alcohol, or castor oil. And that standard measure works to render the alcohol foul-smelling and bitter, thus unfit for consumption by the general population, as required by the government. 

What are the Uses and Benefits of Ethanol?

Making Beauty Products.

High-quality Cosmetics

Cosmetic industries use denatured alcohol to make, preserve and increase the efficiency of their beauty products. Those benefits are possible with 190-200 proof ethanol, which gives you blemish-free skin when mixed with the ideal oil and water amount. Moreover, you won’t experience irritation or flaking when you use those products on dry skin.

Beauty Oil Extraction

Essential oil companies and herbalists use ethanol to extractpolar and non-polar ingredients from plants' stems, leaves, or barks. Those manufacturers then make high-quality products by using alkaloids, terpenes, and other components they’ve got in high concentrations. Moreover, your products will gain an exquisite aroma.

Antibacterial effect

Beauty companies use ethanol to preserve and increase the effectiveness of their products. How? They prevent the growth and multiplication of bacteria that damage the skin through that solvent. And by increasing the solubility of ingredients in the products, they improve skin adherence and moisture retention, thus providing a long-lasting effect.

Cleaning Agent

Most household cleaning products contain ethanol. The reason manufacturers use alcohol as a critical ingredient in those items is because it’s effective at removing almost all kinds of stainswithout causing damage. Therefore, you’ll remove grease, ink, and other stubborn stains from clothes, windows, or glasses.


Health experts recommend ethanol-based sanitizers to control the spread of infectious microorganisms. A good example is how those products are the current norm in combating the spread of the coronavirus. The solvent works by solubilizing lipids in the bacterial cell wall, damaging it, deregulating water entry, and thus causing killing the germs.

Cannabis Extraction

Marijuana companies use alcohol for winterization to extract and purify highly potent cannabis oil. Moreover, they also save on costs because the liquid is recyclable once heated. That process involves mixing and freezing the hemp biomass with ethanol for 24 hours, thus allowing the solvent enough time to extract the lipids, terpenes, and cannabinoids.

Food Additive and Beverage

Bakers add ethanol to bread, thus prolonging its shelf life. The solvent works through the antimicrobial effects, thus stopping degrading microbes from thriving. Moreover, chefs use ethanol fueled stoves to keep food warm for their customers.


Alcohol distilleries use varying water and alcohol mixtures to make beverages with different concentrations, such as whiskey, vodka, or beer. However, the government regulates drinking by imposing heavy takes on those manufacturers. That is because alcohol is addictive and has harmful health and social effects. Therefore, drink responsibly.

Energy for Vehicles

Engineers use ethanol in making nitrous oxide-ethanol bipropellant rocket engines. Also, flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) use an ethanol-gasoline mixture called E10 to run their cars. The solvent thus provides anti-knocking properties and enhances the engine’s efficiency. Examples of FFVs include Ford, Isuzu, Mazda, Mercedes, etc.

Where Can You Purchase Ethanol?

1. Chemical supplying companies.
2. Online stores such as Amazon or eBay.
3. Shopping centers and malls.
4. Fuel stations for ethanol-based gasoline.
5. Local pharmacies.


Note that the prices and laws differ with the type of alcohol you need. Therefore, you’ll find that pure alcohol is more expensive because of the heavy taxation and requires a license to purchase.


In contrast, denatured alcohol is cheaper and doesn’t require a permit; therefore, you can buy as much as you need.


Alcohol is a universal solvent with many uses. You’ll find that solvent in beauty products, disinfectants, cannabis extraction, gasoline, and food preservation. 


And if you need to buy ethanol, you can visit your local pharmacy, fuel station, shopping center, or shop online. Store the solvent in a cool, well-ventilated area to prevent fire accidents.

Writer’s bio: Nikolay Stoyanov is the owner of CBD Advertising Agency in Denver. Nik and his team have been helping cannabis and hemp brands take their CBD business to the next level using modern CBD SEO and content marketing strategies.

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