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Clothing style for women who prefer short haircuts

Short hair is much easier to care for than long hair. But with a short haircut, it is necessary to choose the right clothes and makeup, otherwise harmony will not be achieved. Moreover, the style of clothing has to be selected for each type of haircut separately. Let's try to figure out the clothes and makeup suitable for short haircuts.

Benefits of a short haircut

The presence of a short haircut makes you turn to the services of hairdressers more often. But on the other hand, each such appeal helps in creating a zone of a certain psychological comfort, delivering relief. And this makes you forget about additional problems with the selection of suitable outfits.

Short hair has to be washed more often, but it dries quickly due to the short length. They are much easier to style, using various products and creating a variety of hairstyles. All this helps women, if desired, to create various images. Moreover, with a high-quality haircut, the ideal shape lasts for two months.

How to choose clothes for a haircut

When choosing the right outfit, the main thing is to decide on casual and evening styles that are suitable for women with a short haircut. Haircut ladies look original and bright if they choose the following styles of clothing for themselves:

·         casual and classic;

·         sporty style and avant-garde;

·         Boyish style and country.

You can choose any of them, it all depends on personal preferences, age and type of figure. In particular, student girls may well choose casual as their everyday style. For this, a classic checkered shirt, ripped jeans and a leather jacket are enough. Everything, the outfit for going to the store is quite ready.

With a short haircut, a sporty style harmonizes well. You can even mix casual with sports in one outfit, which will eventually create a unique and original image. To do this, just put on skinny jeans with white sneakers and a sports sweatshirt, and then feel free to go for a walk.

Classics are more suitable for office workers, but you should not overload them with accessories. The dress code does not require ruffles, flounces and colorful colors, and therefore the combination of such minimalism with a short haircut will calmly make up a single whole.

We select a haircut for your image

Not only a suit is matched to a haircut, but a haircut should also be matched to your face and overall style. This process is not easy, especially if it is necessary to make individual flaws invisible. The more imperfect the appearance, the more care must be taken when choosing a future hairstyle.

In particular, women with large-boned or curvaceous figures are not suitable for hairstyles with short hair, as they emphasize excess body weight. And for slender ladies, a haircut is suitable, emphasizing the physique, the elegance of the lines of the neck and shoulders.

Small flaws in appearance are also easily corrected with a hairstyle. If you suddenly decide to change a boring haircut, it makes sense to consult a stylist in the salon to find the best option.

Makeup and short haircuts

In women with short haircuts, their faces are completely open, and therefore skin imperfections are clearly visible on them. Accordingly, in this case, before applying cosmetics, you should use powder, foundation or a corrector for the face.

The main requirement for makeup is that everything should be in moderation. There should be no undershoot or overshoot. When applying makeup, you need to highlight one thing. It can be eyes or lips. It is worth remembering that allocate only what is considered the best. You can visit site fashions holics for more beautiful looks.

In particular, in the presence of large expressive eyes, it is necessary to emphasize them with the help of cosmetics. It is customary to emphasize eyebrows, as they are given great importance in modern makeup.

Short haircut and evening style

What should be worn for evening meetings beauties with short haircuts? An absolutely win-win option for them is evening dresses from Coco Chanel. And already based on the chosen clothes, there is a selection of makeup, jewelry and accessories.

Do you prefer retro style in clothes? Create a wavy hairstyle for it. With classic pumps and closed-toe sandals, you will get a unique finished look.

If you have a romantic date or a solemn event, choose country style. The choice is large: from romantic sundresses to long and short dresses. Makeup for such an image, try to perform in gentle and light colors.

When choosing the right clothes for yourself, do not forget to take into account not only the hairstyle, but also the features of the physique, skin tones and hair color.

The choice of clothing style for girls with short hair

For each type of haircut, you must select the appropriate style of clothing:

·         A boyish haircut goes well with a sporty style. Accordingly, the wardrobe should consist of jeans , skirts and denim vests, as well as solid-soled shoes;

·         Rock style fans will not be able to do without leather jackets and studded trousers. Unromantic perhaps, but extravagant;

·         fans of the avant-garde direction will prefer bright catchy clothes with an experimental cut and a short asymmetrical haircut;

·         Among the girls there are many fans of the boyish style of clothing, for some reason called dandy. They cannot do without men's shirts, sweaters, trousers and boots. All this goes well with short haircuts;

·         Teenage style, called "twiggy" is very similar to boyish, only it is suitable for fragile and very young girls.

It should also be noted that all short haircuts require facial care and a minimum of jewelry.


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