Monday 18 April 2022

City On The Edge Of Forever Hike West Kelowna B.C.

We love to explore everything our beautiful Okanagan home has to offer. We have gorgeous weather, huge mountain ranges, lots of wildlife, and plenty of other sites and sounds to discover around West Kelowna and the surrounding areas.  There are literally hundreds of different hiking trails we can explore every weekend and we try to get out as much as we can. 

Our latest adventure was near Rose Valley in West Kelowna on a trail called The City on The Edge Of Forever! It was about 3.5 hours with kids ranging from 7 to 12 years old. We packed a bunch of snacks and some drinks and made it up and back down without any issues. 

You can see the entire city of Kelowna from the peak and the Rose Valley reservoir. The weather was beautiful but it does get quite windy all around the mountain. We did have at least one tick on us during our hike so always do a check when your done as well as while your hiking and stopping for breaks. 

There is a vet near rock arch you walk under on this trail as well as some cool looking trees that have created optimal photo stops! 

There are multiple trails you can take ranging in difficulty,  this one was a double black diamond and we made it just fine. 

With proper footwear, lots of drinks and some snacks you should be able to make it up the mountain with your family as well. There are a few mountain bikers to watch out for once in a while as well as people with their puppies but other than that it was smooth sailing the whole way through. 

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