Thursday 12 May 2022

DIY Bath Time Activities for Kids

Photo Credit: Jen Theodore on Unsplash 

Looking for fun and unique bath time ideas for your little ones? If bath time is a hassle for your younger children, adding in these creative activities will have them excited to get clean! Here are five activities to incorporate into your kid’s next bath routine. 

1. Duck Pond Bath

Simply add some rubber ducks and green or yellow foam sheets cut in the shape of lily pads!

2. Under the Sea

Add in a very small amount of blue and green food coloring to the water as well as a few toys of boats and various sea creatures. 

3. Glowing Bath

Take your kids to outer space, right in your own bathroom, by cutting off the lights and putting a few glow sticks in the water. You can even personalize your bathroom decor by hanging stars and other celestial images on the walls and ceiling.

4. Rainbow Bubble Bath

Kick the traditional bubble bath up a notch by adding a few drops of food coloring of multiple colors. This will create a tub filled with rainbow bubbles for your little ones to enjoy. 

5. Bath Paint

Mixing paint with kids may seem messy, but it is a great activity that's all about having fun, and here's a bonus - it is easy to wash away once done! This DIY paint recipe below, courtesy of, is colorful, gentle, and safe on skin. 

[Paint Recipe Card Download]

When it comes to having younger children, the sky (or tub in this case) is the limit! Creative activities can always make bath time an unforgettable experience for your child. 

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