Wednesday 25 May 2022

Easy DIY Nail Ideas To Help You Save On Self Care Costs

Cutting costs is at the top of everyone’s list right now as prices of most everything continue to rise. So if you’re used to getting your nails done on a regular basis it may be time to learn how to do your own manicures and nail designs at home. These are some of the simplest and easy to learn designs I have found, so even if you aren’t the best artist with the steadiest hand you should be able to get these done with a little practice. 

Simple French tips are always a winner and a timeless classic. These useful tricks will help you master the simplicity and become a master at French tipped nails. 

Start with this easy how to guide from Style Craze to master the technique then check out how far you can go with this skill. Pop Cosmo has an interesting hack to perfect the French tip as well! 

These coloured French tips from La Belle Society are simply adorable! 

For a unique twist on the French tip check out these ideas on the Chasing Daisies Blog

Recreating ombré nails and adorable woodland creatures is right up there on the bucket list of DIYs for many people, the skills definitely need to be practiced but you can master them. Check out some of these beautiful designs to get you started on your DIY manicure journey! 

Style Craze has an amazing step by step guide to ombré nails that will get you started. has a great collection of unique manicures including a simple ombré and bright and punchy leopard prints! 

DIY nails can look just as good as professional gels if you put in the time and effort. These adorable creature nails by Love This Pic are so easy and definitely left a paw print on my heart.

These little creatures are broken down step by step on tumblr

These designs and ideas should keep you busy for a while and if you need extra practice start asking your friends to paint their nails and who knows maybe you will get really good and be able to charge a small amount and create a side hustle. 

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