Wednesday 25 May 2022

Why Are Orchids So Special? - Colours And Meanings

Orchid season is in full swing and it’s time to start watching these gorgeous flowers bloom and bring joy to people around the globe. Not only is an orchid stunning to look at and makes an amazing gift but each colour has its own meaning. 

So what does each orchid stand for and why should you gift it to certain people at certain milestones in life? 

White Orchid flower meaning is of elegance, grace and purity. The best time to give a white orchid is when someone has a baby, gets married or is getting christened or baptized. 

Yellow orchids stand for new beginnings and friendship. Give a friend a yellow orchid just because, if they moved to a new house, just survived surgery or even got divorced. Yellow brings bright new feelings and adds cheerful thoughts even to the toughest situations in life. 

Purple orchids stand for royalty and admiration. Purple orchids are usually given as a sign of respect. The best time to give an orchid would be as a gift for any occasion, when someone is promoted or at a house warming party. 

Pink orchids are a sign of joy and femininity. These flowers can be given to anyone who is very girly, just had a baby girl, is a strong powerful woman making her way up in life or just because. 

Orange orchids are a sign of pride, enthusiasm and the mark of the bold. Give them when you are proud of someone for a huge accomplishment, or if the person you are gifting to is just a bold personality. 

Orchids make an amazing gift no matter what colour you give. But if you create a cute card with the meaning of the colour you chose and why this person has received such a colour it will hold a special meaning and be very memorable. 

There are many reasons why orchids hold such significance and become a gift of epic proportions! The orchid is very adaptable to many parts of the world and can survive in many different climates and soils. Orchids are a staple in many poems and books for their beauty and reputation. They are also used in aromatherapy because of their amazing fragrance. So the next time you give an orchid as a gift put a little more thought into it and make it a moment to remember. 

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