Wednesday 4 May 2022

Fun Things to do in Brooklyn as a Family


You've just moved to your new home in Brooklyn and want to know the place better? Or you've picked Brooklyn as a destination for a fun family weekend getaway? Don't you worry; we've got you covered! This is the ultimate guide to all the fun in this great NYC borough. Discover Brooklyn with your young ones and let them fall in love with the place. Here are the best fun things to do in Brooklyn as a family – pick a few and experience some unforgettable moments!

Pick your activities together 

Exploring a city with kids can be demanding, so you need to have a plan when traveling with kids. Depending on the age of your young ones, you can pick activities together. This way, they will be aware that every member of the family has unique interests, so it will take some effort to make an agreement and pick activities everyone will enjoy. This would also be a great lesson on making a compromise, so everyone can do or see something to their liking. To help you out, we’ve made a list of the best things you can do in Brooklyn – all of them being family-friendly. 

Family-friendly things to do in Brooklyn 

Let’s go through the list of the best activities both parents and kids can enjoy. However, you'll have to narrow down the list and pick things according to your kid's age and interests – but we are sure all of these are exciting and fun!

Have a picnic in Brooklyn Bridge Park 

Enjoying outdoors with the most spectacular view – why not? Brooklyn Park is located along the borough's shoreline, and it is open all year long. It's a place that hosts many events, has a playground, and offers different things to do. Apart from having a picnic with kids, you can also play sports, organize scavenger hunts, engage in nature activities, etc. Visit the park's official website for more information on upcoming events. 

Visit the carousel in Prospect Park

If your young ones are into fairytales, they will love The Carousel in Prospect Parks. It's one of the most popular attractions where parents can have a ride with kids and enjoy a unique moment. Kids can choose among different rides and have the best time ever. And if you have young kids, you can even throw their birthday party here!

Prospect Park is one of the reasons why families choose Prospect Heights as their new home. According to U. Santini Moving and Storage New York experts, this Brooklyn neighborhood is popular with families. They've got a lot of young families as clients, which can help you decide to pick this place to raise your kids. It's a safe neighborhood with lots of fun things to do – perfect for parents looking for a new home for their loved ones.

Pier 6 fun 

Brooklyn Bridge Park includes a couple of piers. However, Pier 6 is what we recommend as one of the fun things to do in Brooklyn with your loved ones. This is a place of exciting activities, playgrounds, and sports. So be sure to visit it and have a great day – both parents and kids!

Visit the Shipwrecked 

This indoor entertainment place is an excellent place for the whole family to enjoy. Kids can go to mini escape rooms to solve mysteries and play games in arcade rooms, play miniature golf, etc. It’s for kids of all ages, but they ensure parents have some fun. There’s an outdoor terrace where you can have a drink. Furthermore, they also organize adults-only Tuesdays if you want to come here again with your friends!

Explore Brooklyn Children’s Museum 

If you want to entice your kids' curiosity and creativity, head to the Brooklyn Children's Museum. This institution is designed for families, so everyone can enjoy the exhibits and explore science, cultures, and nature. There are various events throughout the year, so check their calendar to see the upcoming dates. 

Go ice-skating 

If your family loves ice-skating, you'll love it at the LeFrak Center at Lakeside. It offers recreational opportunities all year long, so it's one of the favorite places for both locals and visitors. Inexperienced skaters can even get lessons from professional instructors and have fun at the water splash pad or in party rooms. 

Visit the Brooklyn Botanical Garden 

Finding an oasis of beautiful greenery in a city such as NYC can give you some precious family moments. As people are used to loud traffic and concrete, places such as botanical gardens are even more enjoyable. Enjoy some peace and check out some unusual trees and plants. It’s perfect for families with babies, as you can take a stroll and let the baby sleep in quiet surroundings.

Love Brooklyn? Maybe it's time to move!

Brooklyn is a great place to raise a family, which is why so many parents decide to move here with their kids. Prospect Heights is one of the most popular areas, so if you want to make it your home, be sure to prepare well. Relocation with young ones can be stressful if you're not organized enough. You need to find a great home in Brooklyn, pack the whole household, and find reliable movers to ensure you reach your dream home safely. Let's share some tips on making this a smooth ride. 


Households with kids often include many items, which is why you need to be systematic and organized when it comes to packing. Declutter before you begin, and then pack your items by room. Label your boxes, so it's clear what's inside. It will make the unpacking process a lot easier. 

Research moving companies 

Take your time with hiring movers. You need to check out multiple resources, compare services and get recommendations. We recommend narrowing the search to local moving teams, as they know the area well and have experience with Brooklyn streets and homes. After finding a couple of trustworthy companies, compare their services and fees to get the best deal. 

Start early 

The best tip for a smooth move would be to start the preparations as early as possible – especially if you’re moving with kids. If you have enough time to plan the move, you’ll have enough energy to try some of the fun things to do in Brooklyn with your family and enjoy your new home!

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