Wednesday 15 June 2022

5 Tips To Bounce Back Mentally After Sudden Job Loss

If you've recently been terminated from your job role, there's no doubt that you're carrying an enormous amount of stress; managing your finances after losing your job can feel shattering, to say the least. Job loss is a devastating experience, whether sudden or expected. 


And while you can pursue legal action against your employer if the specifics of your termination fit unfair dismissal laws in Denver, you'll still need to find ways to cope with the emotional turmoil. 


It's not uncommon for professionals to come face to face with the pits of depression after being fired. So, we've rounded up some tips to help you bounce back mentally and start job hunting with confidence. 


Consult A Lawyer If You Have A Case

If your termination breaches your employment contract or labor laws, you can claim compensation from your employer. Even if you have another job lined up, it's still wise to seek compensation if you were wrongfully terminated, fired unfairly, or fired in retaliation. 


Pursuing justice will also help you regain confidence after the blow. Moreover, consulting a lawyer is also the best way to protect the future of your career. 


Give Yourself Time To Adjust

Whether you need to pursue compensation with a lawyer, file for unemployment benefits, or start job hunting, it's still vital to give yourself time to adjust. 


You'll need some time to process the experience before you can get back on your feet. Job loss will typically onset the stages of grief, in which you will mourn the loss until you can eventually accept the fact. 


Practice Self-Care

While you are grieving and adjusting to the new situation, it's wise to take time to practice self-care. A few great self-care practices to consider are mindful breathing exercises, meditation, repeating mantras, or simply relaxing and reading a good book. 


Whichever self-care practices you opt for, the end result is to be forgiving of yourself during this difficult time. Allowing yourself time to relax and unwind is crucial, even if you're not being productive at the moment. 


Redesign Your Five-Year Plan

As soon as you have a moment, it's worthwhile to evaluate your five-year plan. This action might spark motivation once again. 


Moreover, with your recent termination, it might be a great idea to evaluate your options, like considering a career change or investing in new short courses or qualifications. 


Know When To Reach Out For Help

Everyone experiences job loss differently. For some, getting fired is a small unfortunate setback, while for others, termination can mean the end of life as you know it. 


Regardless, it's essential to know when to reach out for help, whether you are facing job loss or the death of a loved one. Depression and anxiety are common mental health conditions, although, in some cases, these conditions can be severe, requiring professional attention. 


If you feel stuck in your mental state and your quality of life is decreasing more and more each day, reach out to a professional therapist as soon as possible. You'll find a number of online therapists waiting to help. 


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