Tuesday 14 June 2022

8 Ideas To Make Your Home A More Teen-Friendly Spot


You may have heard many people say that children grow up too quickly, and it is true! One moment you're cradling them in your arms and trying to get them to sleep; the next, you're sending them off to college or attending their wedding. While every moment of your child's life is precious to parents, the teenage years are definitely the most challenging ones! At this age, children are rebellious and naughty, and parents can’t do much but tread with caution. 

So if you have a teenager living at your house, it's time to step out of boss mode and become the coolest parent around. Not only will they enjoy your company, but their friends will love you too! Honestly, you don’t have to do much, by being the kind of parent their friends feel comfortable around is already half the battle! One way to do this is to make sure your house is the preferred hangout spot for your teens.

Children tend to become more social once they reach their teenage years. They love spending time with friends, throwing parties, and just being cool. By making your home a teen-friendly space, you are more likely to keep them within safe boundaries rather than letting them wander outside. 

Here are some suggestions to make your house a teen-friendly spot, so you’ll have the comfort of knowing they are safe and away from trouble, and they will love you in return.

1.       Don't limit their potential

A teen's worst nightmare is living in a small, cluttered space. No matter how big or small your home is, you can always make it appear more spacious and inviting. The first step to sprucing up a small space is decluttering. Get rid of all the bulky and old furniture with a garage sale. If your items are too precious to sell, go for a self storage unit to keep your belongings secure until you need them. Next, give your house a touch of modernity. Use multi-functional furniture, maximize the space, be creative with the lighting, add mirrors to the wall, and, if possible, add more windows. You can also maximize your space by utilizing closet space or under-bed storage. 

Having a spacious place to hang out as a teenager has a positive effect on their learning abilities. It gives them the opportunity to learn, and their creativity is open to trying newer things. Furthermore, it allows you to create occasion-specific areas where you can read, work, study, etc.

2.       Renovate their bedroom

You can help your child upgrade their old bedroom now that they are no longer a baby. When renovating, be sure to ask your teen for permission, let them in on the plan, and consider their ideas. Instead of baby-like beddings, cute curtains, and picture books, introduce a little sophistication into your child's room. 

Remember that appropriate lighting and the right furniture are also important. In a room that is too small for a sofa and also a bed, use a sofa-cum-bed as a solution. Whenever friends are over, and they need to move around, just fold up the bed.

Or how about adding an indoor hanging chair to your teen's room for a modern flair? Your teen's room will look cozier, and they can spend hours relaxing or studying on a comfy chair. Moreover, you can let your teen's personality shine through their artwork if they have an artistic streak. If they love music, give them permission to install their favorite instrument, speakers, or a PlayStation in their rooms.

3.       Give them a separate space to hangout

It may be awkward for teens living with you to hang out with their friends in the living room when you are around. Make them feel at ease by letting them have their own space for entertaining their guests. You can either add a family room to your house or repurpose your garage and turn it into a hangout space for teens.

4.       Maintain a relaxed mealtime atmosphere

There is no point in setting a formal table and playing classical music softly in the background when your teen has friends over. Nevertheless, you can eat with them - just make it a casual barbecue, preferably outside, rather than a formal meal that makes them feel tense.

5.       Keep teen-friendly food on hand

Teens tend to be hungry all the time. Stock up on healthy snacks for your teenager and their friends to prevent the temptation of junk food. Prepare homemade pizza, nachos, fruits, and juices with readily available ingredients. Don't hold back on the chips and popcorn, though. It is okay to serve a little of each snack, provided they are paired with healthy meals.

6.       Raising the bar in your backyard

Remodeling your yard will not only enhance the appearance and value of your property. You can also encourage your teen to stay outdoors, get fresh air, and get their daily dose of vitamin C this way.

Plus, when they’re out, you can have an outdoor escape zone without spending a lot of money. It doesn't have to be big either. The only requirements are comfort and seclusion.

Placing quality yet comfortable chairs and tables in a shady spot in the backyard. If you have trees, you can also add a hammock where your kids can nap, read a book, or even entertain their friends. Building a pool or a fire pit is also a great idea. You can also install an outdoor kitchen or a barbecue grill to give them more reasons to enjoy the yard.

With enough space and the right budget, you can enjoy a seating area that lasts through the night. Best of all, you can also enjoy it with your friends.

7.       Convert the garage into a granny flat

Children don't fly the coop when they turn 18, so a little forward planning can now pay off for years. Whenever necessary, this additional space can serve as a guest house or a teen party zone right next to the main house. Is there a teenager who wouldn't enjoy an escape like this?

8.       Have an entertainment room

Do you often hear your teenagers complaining about being bored? With an entertainment room, you can keep them entertained and make them want to stay at home rather than go out. You can incorporate your teen's favorite hobby when decorating the entertainment room. In addition, place a large TV with Netflix and PlayStation. Moreover, if you have a pool table, table tennis, pinball machine, or air hockey set, you can move it there to liven up the area. 

With an entertainment room like this, you'll have a magnet for bored teens seeking a place to hang out and have fun on the weekend. This will make them even happier if it is located in a separate area in the house, which will allow them to chat freely without fear of parents (and siblings) listening in.

It's better to soundproof this area, so you do not have to waste time telling them to lower it. However, make sure you set some ground rules since this is not only their private space but also a shared space for the entire family.


The few remodeling tips above are just a few of the ways to make your teen love their home even more. You will feel more at ease knowing that your teenager is safe at home when you give them ample space to do their thing and hang out with their friends. In addition to making them feel safer, this will also make them feel more loved because they'll know that you're always thinking of them.

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