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6 Tips to Prepare Your Humble Abode for The Winter Season


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Adjusting your home to the weather conditions is an essential preparation to welcome and enjoy any season. Weather preparation is necessary to accommodate well in seasons with extreme temperatures, such as cold in winters and scorching heat in summers. Though many living places and homes cater to seasonal variations, maintenance is necessary to ensure everything works fine in your home.

Otherwise, mishaps and disasters are common in extreme cold weather conditions, such as heating and ventilation system malfunctioning, water leakage, and sewerage blockage. And winter is also the season of much-awaited holidays and festivities, such as Christmas, New year, Hanukah, Kwanza, and others. No one would want to waste their comfortable holidays on maintenance. So, examine any repair and maintenance requirements of your home and proceed before the extreme weather knocks on your door. It’s better to skip the trouble and welcome the season more relaxed and joyfully.

The following sections discuss tips to prepare and maintain your abode for the winter.

1.       Renovate house interior with new paint

Expenditure on interior renovation is a must to ensure your house walls and foundations do not corrode. Renovation depends upon the paint condition and signs of cracks or wear. But repainting every half a decade is recommended. A mere renewal of paint color or texture is also necessary to improve the ambiance and mood in the festive winter. Whatever suits your preferences, prepare renovation before the cold weather arrives.

But before going for a renovation, keep your valuables in a safe place. For instance, relocate your valuables to a storage unit to prevent damage from paint splashes and stains. If you reside in Milford, DE, you can opt for the services of a rented space and easily carry out renovations. Just search “storage units Milford DE and enjoy temporary storage facilities with varying capacities. Their storage spaces are resilient to climatic and weather changes. So, you can entrust your valuables’ safety and proceed with your renovation.

2.       Carry out maintenance of ventilation system

Repair and maintenance of the ventilation system should be the top priority to ensure the comfort of your home in the cold weather. Mostly, people keep their windows and doors closed during cold weather to maintain a stable temperature. However, a poorly ventilated interior decreases fresh and oxygenated air inflow.

The poor inflow of fresh air can increase air toxicity and suffocation when you cook, use room heaters, or clean your home. On top of that, germs and minute particles cannot find a way out if you keep your home sealed all day. Therefore, ensure your ventilation system is working fine. Go for thorough cleaning and dusting of the ventilation pipes, exhaust fans, and furnace. Ventilation is necessary to ensure fresh air exchange and maintain a healthy interior environment.

3.       Repair water heaters and boilers

Water heaters and boilers are inevitable to spend cold weather comfortably. Otherwise, bathing or doing household chores without warm water is simply unimaginable. It can be daunting to look after personal hygiene and ensure immunity to cold or other seasonal infections if you do not have access to warm water.

Since heaters and boilers remain almost nonfunctional throughout the year except in winter, they need maintenance to kickstart at maximum operational capacity in the winter. So, better start before the season and ensure your home’s heating appliances and amenities work fine. Though you can carry out maintenance any time, services are expensive if you go for repair in the peak season. Hence, prepare and proceed early.

4.       Ensure ceiling and rooftop sturdiness

Water-driven wear and tear of homes are more common in the winter than in other seasons due to irregular dripping, monsoon rain, snowfall, and snow storm. Leaks and cracks can also lead to the formation of icicles or ice dams in winter and promote erosion in your building. If you’re unlucky, even minor cracks can widen and rupture and drench your home during heavy or prolonged winter rain. Thus, take the coming of the winter season as a patch-up time for your home.

If you cannot afford an extensive overhaul, at least inspect the ceiling and rooftop and mend susceptible areas. Renovation before the season will save you from trouble in the cold. And if you go for an off the season maintenance, you can find many willing contractors at affordable prices. Eventually, you’ll save on your expenses and needless worries and enjoy the winter season in peace.

5.       Unclog drainage pipes and channels

Since days shorten and sun exposure is minimum in the winter, rainwater or snow-melted water takes longer to evaporate. That’s why every place is soggy and wet. And it’s more severe during rainy and snowfall seasons. But you can prevent winter damping around your house if you ensure the drainage system works smoothly. Otherwise, piling of debris and litter hinders even regular household sewerage discharge.

And the problem gets worse during heavy water discharge. Clogged pipes and discharge channels can also create trouble for your house’s foundation and tiling if sewerage or rainwater stays there for long. Make sure your sewerage and water discharge channels are functional. Remove debris from water discharge channels, unclog pipes, mend gutter channels and slopes, and ensure all downspouts are intact.

6.       Cater to your plants and lawn

Since temperature, humidity, and the frequency of rain and snowfall all impact health, sustenance, and endurance of floral species, they need special care during winter. Winter is not harsh for humans alone; plants also experience the wrath of the cold weather. So, ensure your indoor or outdoor plants can adjust to the extreme temperature without damage. For this reason, learn about their feeding requirements, water supply, and sun exposure during winter. If you leave your plants unbothered, they can burn from extreme cold or dry out.

As for the lawn, do not allow excessive growth. Prepare your mower and cut grass to the minimum height before winter. For instance, experts suggest pruning your grass 25% more than in summers. And do not go for needless mowing during the winter to prevent damage to the frosty and soggy grass. Finally, look for pest control pesticides as insects and pests find shelter in plants and bushes during cold weather.


Winter can be harsh and unpredictable no matter where you live. And accommodating in the cold weather can be challenging if your living place lacks facilities. You cannot withstand the cold and other seasonal disasters. So, go through the to-do list before the season and ensure your abode is winter-ready. But plan before the season arrives as it is more tiring if you go through unplanned and hasty maintenance work at the eleventh hour.

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