Monday 13 June 2022

Where and How To Store Your Stuff during Home Remodeling

Remodeling your house and turning it into your dream home is a goal of every homeowner. If you have embarked on this house remodeling journey, you must have realized it’s not all fun and games. Whether you are remodeling some rooms or your complete house, your stuff can’t stand in the way. You need to put away your stuff, but at the same time, you should also have access to it.

You cannot leave your things lying around while the renovation takes place since there is dust, building material, splashes, etc. all over the place. There are high chances of your things getting damaged if you do not properly store them. While you are already bearing the costs of remodeling, you cannot afford to get your stuff damaged.

Here, we spell out five ways to guide you on how and where you can store your stuff during house remodeling.

1)      Rent a Self-Storage Unit:

If you want your belongings to be safe, out of the way, and still accessible, your best option is to rent a self-storage unit. Many self-storage facilities provide you with a lot of benefits like protection from theft or in case of a fire or any other disaster, low-cost packing supplies and boxes, low-cost truck rentals, etc. Moreover, you can access your things any time of the day. Look around for self-storage companies in your area and use the ones that tick the most boxes. If you live in Lawrence, Kansas, search for ‘storage units lawrence ksthat provide the most safety and 24 hours access to your belongings. You can store everything and anything from furniture to memorabilia in these self-storage units.

Especially when you are remodeling a few rooms, you can store your furniture in a self-storage unit. You might not need those things daily, so even if they are away from your house, you can relax because they are safe and out of the way.

2)      Rent a Mobile Container:

If you are remodeling your complete house, then you might need everything out of the house, but obviously, you will need a lot of things for basic needs daily. In this situation, you can rent a portable or mobile container for storage. These containers get delivered to your house directly. You can keep it in your driveway. That way, you will constantly have all the things right in front of your eyes. You can store furniture, boxes, electronic appliances, fragile materials, tools, decoration pieces, expensive crockery, etc. all in one place. It allows you to have more free space in your house for a smooth renovating process.

Whenever a thing needs to get shifted to a safer place or is causing a hindrance in the renovation, you can put it in your mobile storage right away. And in the same way, as the rooms free up after renovation, you can shift things back, taking it one room at a time.

3)      Choose a Storage Space in Your House:

If you are not remodeling the entire house in one go, you can tackle this situation by making some space in your own house. When only a room or two or just the kitchen is being remodeled, make the best use of available space in your house. If there is a room you don’t use much or at least won’t use during remodeling, a guest room, for example, store your furniture and other belongings in that room. This is very cost-efficient. A spare area in your basement, corner of your garage, or any such place can serve the purpose.

If you have to adjust and give up some of your living space, keep in mind that this is only for the short run, and this method also won't cost you a penny. Also, ensure that wherever you store your stuff in the house, no dirt, water, wood shavings, etc. go in there. This room should serve the purpose of protecting your things from damage of any kind.

4)      Move Everything into the Middle of the Room:

If you can’t afford to rent a self-storage unit or a portable container and don't have any spare space in your house, then you can adopt this age-old method that might help you. Simply push all the furniture and things into the middle of the room. Make sure to cover them completely to protect them from splashes and damage. If the room has bulky furniture, it will work fine, but with fragile, luxurious, or antique items like vases or paintings, you need to be extra careful.

This is the most cost-effective method on our list but also the least protective. Things can go south quickly with this one if heavy remodeling is taking place. But in the case of minor remodeling projects like repainting or new wallpaper, it will work fine.

5)      Ask Family and Friends for Help:

If you don't have any space in your house and can't spend on renting storage services, ask your family and friends for help. Someone you know might have some free space in their house; a spare room, an empty basement, some free space in the garage or a shed, etc. where they can let you put your stuff. You can keep your things at different people’s houses if you have a lot of things and one friend does not have enough space for everything.

This looks like an almost free-of-cost way, but there is a catch. You still need to transport your things to your family member’s or friend’s house. For that, you might need to hire moving labor and transport services. This will require money. Furthermore, remodeling can take more time than you expect. Many unexpected events and delays can occur. So, be sure to discuss the timeline with the person at whose house you are storing your stuff. Ask them until they can allow you to keep your things at their place to avoid any problems in the future.

To Wrap it Up:

Remodeling your house is a bitter-sweet experience as you deal with excitement, stress, happiness, and tiredness all at the same time. Not to forget the costs that you have to bear. Also, you have to take care of all your stuff. You need to ensure that all your area under remodeling is free for a smooth process, and at the same time, your stuff must also be safe and in your access. There are different ways you can store your stuff during house remodeling to protect it, and you will be tension free and able to focus all your energy on remodeling.

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