Friday 22 July 2022

3 Tips For Making Healthy Food That Your Family Will Actually Enjoy

Preparing a fresh, healthy meal for your family is one of the best things you can do for them. It's good for their health and helps promote better eating habits and more time spent together at home. However, if you're like most parents who work outside the house and have limited time to cook daily, making healthy food that everyone will enjoy can be challenging, so here are three tips to help make cooking healthy meals more accessible and fun!

Try a new ingredient.

The first step to creating a healthier diet is ensuring that you and your family eat various foods. This means trying new ingredients, recipes, and ways to cook. You can also try different ways of eating, such as eating slowly or using chopsticks instead of silverware.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by possibilities, don't worry! The best way to start exploring is by incorporating just one new thing into your routine at a time. For example, if you want to switch things up, try mushrooms or spinach for an added health boost. After that experiment has been successful, move on to additional changes from the most manageable to the most complex.

Use a pressure cooker.

The pressure cooker is a time-saving, money-saving kitchen tool that can help you prepare healthy meals for your family in no time. The pressure cooker uses high temperatures and steam to cook vegetables and meat in a short amount of time. Visit a local cook shop in Hitchin and try making a healthy meal with your pressure cooker this week. 

Try Family Favorites.

It’s important to remember that changing too many things at once can be overwhelming. If you try and make everything from scratch, your family will likely be less inclined to eat it—and they may even resent the effort you’re putting into healthier choices. Instead, settle on some family favorites that don’t take much effort. This way, when your kids see something familiar on the dinner table, they’ll be more willing to give it a shot and more likely to finish.

An excellent example of this is tacos—they are tasty, filling, and easy for anyone in the whole family to enjoy! Just choose whole wheat tortillas (instead of flour), lean ground beef (instead of meat), low-fat cheese, and salsa instead of sour cream or guacamole (which are full of fat). It might not taste exactly like the usual taco night. However, it will still satisfy everyone's cravings while being lighter on calories and fat yet still delicious all around - so go ahead!


Healthy food doesn’t have to be bland if you try new ingredients and find some easy ways to cook them. Of course, you can still make your family favorites, but just make them healthier by using less salt or sugar, cooking with fresh herbs and spices instead of dried ones, or swapping some of the meat for beans. And don’t forget to eat together around the table!

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