Friday 22 July 2022

How to Protect Your Home from Theft

Whether you have had a series of burglaries in your neighbourhood recently or want to always keep your possessions safe, there are precautions you can take in your home. Break-ins are common around the globe, and in the UK, it is estimated that a home burglary occurs every 106 seconds. Tightening your security measures on your property can decrease your chance of a home invasion. Here are a few effective ways you can protect your home from theft.

Install Outdoor Lights

Opportunistic thieves will take every chance they can get to enter your home, so make sure you set up deterrents outside to repel them. Illuminating your front garden with outdoor lighting can prevent unwanted visitors from hanging around your home, while motion-activated lights in your back garden will light up anyone who enters your private space. Powerpoint Electrics Limited have some outdoor lighting options to help you deter burglars. They also have security alarm systems and CCTV, which can be fitted by yourself or by an electrician. To check out their selection of security products, visit

Invest in a Smart Home System

Smart technology is becoming more common nowadays for many different reasons, including home security. In addition to the ever-popular smart light bulbs, many people are investing in smart doorbells, locks, and a complete home security system. This type of technology allows you to control elements in your home in a way that keeps burglars at bay. For example, smart lights can be turned on and off remotely, which can help create the illusion of someone at home while, in reality,you are away from home. A smart doorbell features live video interactions and motion sensing, and smart locks keep your home secure without the need for an actual key. This reduces the chance of thieves using your key to get into your home. Smart technology can be connected to smart devices, controlled remotely, and will give help you feel at ease when your property is empty.

Always Remember to Lock Your Home

Speaking of locks, if you decide to stick with a traditional lock and key, make sure you remember to always lock your door. Statistics show that 67 percent of thieves break into homes through a door and 21 percent manage to get in by opening an unlocked door. Additionally, 29 percent of burglars enter through a window and over a third of them get through an unlocked one. With these statistics in mind, it is a good idea to keep your windows and doors locked throughout the day, even if you are home.

Secure Doors for Extra Security

Besides locking your doors, you can also keep thieves away by replacing old doors with brand-new models. Old wooden doors deteriorate over time and can leave your entryways vulnerable to break-ins. Thieves can force their way into an old front door, while a new unit made of solid wood and strong metal fittings makes it much more difficult for invaders.

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