Thursday 7 July 2022

5 Tips For Planning An Outdoor Summer Party In Florida


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Summer is the perfect season to throw an outdoor party. While winters can be unwelcoming for beach parties and outdoor fun, summers offer an excellent opportunity to create some wonderful memories. But sometimes, an ill-planned outdoor event can cause a lot of trouble. The searing heat, strong winds, or an expected thunderstorm can turn your party into chaos in no time.

Florida is an ideal place to throw summer parties and enjoy the fun with your friends and family. Delicious food, sunny weather, and mesmerizing landscapes promise a sweet spot for recreation. However, your to-do list should include arrangements to keep the heat at bay, food and drink supplies, outdoor entertainment, and a backup plan.

If you are looking to throw a summer party in Florida, following these tips will ensure your event is successful.

Choose a suitable spot

Summer parties can be fun and exciting, but not without a proper plan. Creating a roadmap for throwing a summer party is a must. It should include all the factors that determine the success of an outdoor event. Among those factors, picking a suitable place to host your summer party is a make-or-break decision.

Ideally, you’d like to choose a practical location for hosting an outdoor party. In Florida, you can find many large, open spaces with reasonable rents to throw an outdoor event. Or, if you’re a resident of Bonita Springs, you can host beach parties and spend memorable moments with your loved ones. After all, Bonita Springs is known for its Gulf Coast beaches and amusement parks.

You also don’t have to worry about making food arrangements or other amenities in Bonita Springs. Just run a Google search for ‘food catering Bonita Springs FL‘ to find the best food services available. You can also rent entertainment facilities and other basic amenities to ensure everyone stays cool and comfortable.  

Keep everyone cool

While summertime in Florida is a promising time to enjoy summer parties and bonfires, the sunny weather can sometimes be cruel. In Florida, temperatures during the summer months can reach as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit, making the heat unbearable. Luckily, there are ways through which you can counter the searing heat of Florida.

One way of doing so is by renting an air-conditioned tent to keep everyone cool. You don’t want the extreme heat of the summers to spoil all the fun, right? Luckily, you can rent large spaces or tents that promise an ideal spot to host summer parties. These spaces offer all the necessary facilities, including air-conditioning, seating arrangements, food and water supplies, entertainment, lighting, and much more.

Moreover, you can arrange some facilities for people, such as extra fans, extension cords, or lights to make your party more enjoyable. You can also arrange a large canopy to provide shade wherever you desire. This includes covering food and water supplies to protect them from the heat.

Make the right food choices

Florida is known for its delectable food that is popular worldwide. Key lime pie, Florida orange juice, the Cuban sandwich, conch fritters, and Apalachicola oysters are among the favorite food choices for residents and international tourists. But when it is hot, munching on your favorite dishes isn’t a priority.

Instead, most of us would like to keep ourselves cool to fight the scorching heat of the summers. Gathering plenty of light snacks is a smart way of keeping everyone cool while ensuring they don’t compromise on hunger. You can also count on finger foods since they are convenient to serve up and ingest.

Similarly, you will also need supplies of cold drinks and water to beat the blistering heat of Florida. For this purpose, you can arrange coolers filled with ice to keep all the drinks cool for longer. While selecting alcoholic drinks, you can consider light beer or wine that go perfectly with warm weather. Or you can arrange a snow cone machine to ensure that everyone on board is cool and satisfied, including children.

Arrange outdoor entertainment facilities

When it comes to summer parties, keeping yourself occupied with some entertainment is always on the cards. Well, who doesn’t like entertainment? Thankfully, there are many choices you can make in this regard. Whether it is your friends, family, or neighbors, you can choose outdoor entertainment facilities to ensure everyone feels at home.

Renting inflatables, board games, and joy rides are an excellent choice for starters. You can choose to pay for water slides or dip tanks that promise recreation and a means of beating the heat. If there are children too, you can plan for numerous games or rides that can keep them occupied. You can also take the initiative of discovering fun activities such as hide and seek to ensure everyone’s entertained.

Always have a backup plan

A summer party isn’t always successful unless you have a backup plan. While parties can be fun, unforeseen circumstances can catch you off-guard. Therefore, you must have an alternative plan if things go awry. Florida’s weather is sunny and occasional thunderstorms are a thing. So, if there is any chance of rain or overcast conditions, you should prepare in advance. After all, no one would want to abandon a summer party.


Florida is among those few states that experience weather perfect for year-round outdoor events such as summer and beach parties. While such events can help you make some unforgettable memories, planning them is key. Henceforth, ensure that you choose a suitable location, gather all the food and drink supplies, arrange entertainment facilities, and make a backup plan.

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