Monday 4 July 2022

Essential Tips for Parents Working from Home



In the last couple of years, many people have switched from working in a regular office to working from home. This has many advantages, but it can be challenging, especially for parents. You might feel overwhelmed from time to time, but with these essential tips, you will enjoy being one of the parents working from home.

The first tip – have a schedule

Organizing your time is crucial. Sit together with your family over the weekend, write down what things everyone needs and wants to do over the following week, and start organizing. If you have flexible hours, use this to your advantage to be present at work and for family activities. A schedule doesn't need to involve just school and work. You can have a meal plan for the next week to save time and not have to plan meals on the days off. You can prepare the outfits for your kids the night before instead of in the morning. Also, getting up a bit earlier goes a long way. You will have some time for yourself before beginning to work. You are setting yourself up for a successful week by keeping up with your schedule.

Having older kids going to school is excellent because you will have some time for yourself that you can use as working hours. But if your children are small and at home, it can be challenging. A great advantage is having a partner who will look after the children when you work. In case that's not possible, organize your schedule so that you work in short periods with breaks. Use the kid's naptime as a time to work or have a play area next to you so that you can watch over them simultaneously. Today, you can even install a baby monitor that you can have on your screen for extra safety. 

An essential tip is to have a designated work area

This is an important step for parents working from home. Organizing your workspace will enable you to be better focused on your tasks. Not having a separate office in the house doesn't have to be an obstacle – whether you are using the dining room table or a desk in your bedroom, just make sure that once you are finished for the day, you put everything away. You can use the space as it was meant to be, and you don't have to think and feel like you are at work during your off-hours.

However, making a home office is easy if you have a room. You can even repurpose an old closet into a small but efficient workspace. Organize the home office layout so that it's practical and aesthetically pleasing. You will feel much happier when you have a functional setup separated from the rest of the home. This makes it much easier to separate your personal and professional life, and the peace and quiet help you focus. You will feel like you went to work but still be a couple of steps away from your loved ones. 


An essential tip for parents working from home is having a designated workspace. 

Organize activities for the kids when you are working from home

Having children that are a bit older and more independent can make your work-life balance easier when you are working from home because you don't need to look after them constantly. This doesn't mean you don't need to be involved in what they are doing during your working hours. By giving them activities and chores to do while you are working, you will feel more at ease. 

You can give them creative projects such as painting or drawing or set up your backyard so you can try new sports. You can also invest in puzzles or board games, keeping them away from the TV. Organize your chores over the week. It will make your life easier and teach them how to be family members. 


Find activities for your children to do while you are working.

Communicate with your family and your colleagues

Like most parents, you've switched to working from home to be with your loved ones even more. Working from the comfort of your home might result in moving your things from the office to your house or even some extra storage space. In a situation like this, tips and help from professionals such as will make it much more manageable. You can focus more on organizing your work-from-home schedule with your colleagues and manager.

One of the most important tips is to let the people around you know the situation's reality and not be afraid to ask for help or assistance. Sometimes, even with flexible work hours, meetings have to be held at a specific time. Ask someone close to your family or a professional nanny to look after your children during this time so that you can be active in the meeting and not have to worry about your little ones. 

It's critical to set boundaries and enforce them. Tell your family that you need quiet and no distractions when working and that your office space is purely for work. They might be too young to understand completely, but it's bound to happen with positive reinforcement.

Our last tip is to have some time to relax

One of the disadvantages of working from home is that you are always in the same place. So make some time for going outside, even for a short walk. You can even organize outdoor activities to do together as a family as well. This is great for your mental and physical health, not just your family members.


Going outside with your family is an excellent way to relax after work. 

Maintaining a good work-life balance as one of the parents working from home wouldn't be possible without having some time to recharge your batteries. When planning your day, always make time for yourself and some activities to help you re-energize. Whether it's a hobby or just catching up on your favorite TV shows, what's essential is to have a moment to relax and not worry about work or responsibilities. 

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