Wednesday 10 August 2022

Home Maintenance Checklist to Keep your Home Ever New

The feel of a new home can be heavenly -- a fresh coat of paint, pleasant smell, zero defects or cracks, no pests, and every appliance working fine. You wish things would remain that way forever. It's possible; it only takes regular maintenance.

So, if you're looking to keep your home spanking new all year round, here is an annual maintenance checklist to follow.

Maintenance checklist for spring

Springtime is synonymous with cleaning. It's a great time to get your cleaning apparatus out and scrub your home inside-out.

To begin with, here are some cleaning tips for your exterior: 

● Start your spring clean-up by going over your grounds and raking up the dead winter leaves. You can also apply a thin layer of mulch to prevent weeds.
● Now's the time to use your outside faucet once more. But, first, check if it's still working properly.
● Mow your lawn or get a professional lawn care service to do it. You may need to reseed it to ensure uniform vegetation throughout.
● Your snow blower has probably seen much use throughout the winter, now's the time to keep it. But, first, drain out the fuel or add a stabilizer.
● Clean roof gutters and look around to see if twigs and snow haven't caused any damage. You need well-functioning gutters to drain rain properly once more.
● Check your exterior paint if it will need a fresh coat to shield the home from the humidity, rainfall, and sunlight that will come down upon it.
● Spring is also a great time to clean up the winter grime from your windows, deck, and facade.

When you're done with that, it's time to check up on your appliances inside the home. 

● Your HVAC needs at least two inspections/servicing a year, so it's time to call the technician for the first one.
● Your plumbing needs some inspection at this time. Check to see if the winter chill has done a number on the pipes and that there are no signs of leaks.
● Don't forget your sump pump.
● Check your chimney; if you've used the fireplace a lot during the cold winter nights, the chimney might need a good clean to keep the air breathable.

Maintenance checklist for summer

Summer doesn't come with as many cleaning requirements as spring. Instead, it's a time to enjoy the outdoors. Nevertheless, there are still some things to do.

Here's how to maintain your surroundings in summer:

● Your mower should be one of your best friends in summer as your lawn grows rapidly by this time. Pick away flowers that have finished blooming and water the greens. This helps to keep your landscape as fresh as ever, the envy of your neighbors.
● When spring showers stop, it's time to turn on your sprinklers again. Inspect the sprinkler for clogs, check the timer, and look out for leaks. Inspection will help you to fix every issue all at once.

Observe the following tips for your home's interior:

● It's getting hotter and more humid, so your ceiling fan and air conditioning should work properly.
● Plan for heat waves by checking the weather stripping around doors and windows.
● Cover windows that receive much sunlight with drapes.
● The humidity and higher summer temperature offer an ideal breeding environment for pests to thrive. Therefore, you should get yourself up to speed on pest control hacks. For example, take the trash out regularly and avoid standing water in your restroom and kitchen.
● Clean up your pool and deck to enjoy the summer outdoors.

Home maintenance checklist for the autumn

As the days get cooler and leaves turn brown, it's time to wind down. But really, there's not much to do in autumn.

Start with your surroundings and do the following:

● Rake up the leaves regularly to keep your curb appeal intact. However, you don't need to scrub the ground entirely clean as a light layer of leaves can offer a protective mulch for the roots during winter.
● If you garden, water your plants so they don't die from dehydration.
● Clear your gutters to prevent fallen leaves and twigs from accumulating on your roof.
● Shut off your sprinkler before winter comes to avoid freezing.
● Cover your pool for winter as you won't need it.

When you're done outside, go indoors and check your installations in preparation for the colder weather. 

● Check your insulation and protect your HVAC from the elements. Also, check your filters, furnace, boilers, and thermostat.
● To prevent losing heat, Ensure there are no gaps around your windows.

Home maintenance checklist for winter

Winter isn't a time for home improvement or the outdoors. It's more about protecting yourself through the cold. So do the following, beginning with your exterior:

● Use your snow blower to get rid of snow every morning
● Check your roof regularly for ice dams as they can destroy the gutters and shingles. Consider buying a roof rake.

Going inside, ensure you do the following to protect your home, yourself, and plumbing installations:

● Insulate pipes
● Shut off water pipes to prevent water from freezing in them, causing ruptures.
● Your filters will likely be due for a change as filters need to be resolved at least twice a year. So do so.


There you have it, an annual home maintenance checklist. If you can follow these steps yearly, your home's aesthetics and functionality will always remain intact.

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