Monday 22 August 2022

How to Comfort Your Kid After an Injury?

If you have kids, you know how natural it is for them to get in trouble every now and then. Especially kids who are involved in sports or love to play outdoors, there are several ways they can get cuts, scrapes and bruises all over their body. 


Though you can’t run behind them 24/7 to ensure they don’t get into an accident, you can surely comfort them if they get hurt or sustain an injury. 


Here, we discuss different ways parents can help their kids recover from an injury faster and bring that bright smile back on their face.


Do the First-Aid 


If your child got hurt while playing and got minor cuts or bruises, your first step should be to rationalize the steps to recovery. If it needs a first-aid fix, first stop the bleeding by pressing the affected area and clean the wound with clean water. 


Then apply an antiseptic cream such as a manuka honey cream or simply keep a bandage on the cut or scrape if it’s mild.


Make sure you are being gentle and nice while doing the first-aid. 


Stay Calm 


Kids get scared and anxious after an injury; so don’t get emotional or freak out just to increase their anxiety. Instead, keep your calm and say things that will make them feel relaxed


Moreover, you can involve your little munchkin in the treatment by keeping them engaged in conversation. Ask them questions of what’s happening and how they should deal with such situations. 


This will make them feel heard, loved and cared. And don’t hesitate to state the obvious. For instance, tell them they are injured and guide them on how they can avoid such accidents. 


Distract Them 


While involving your kids in the treatment process is a good approach to help them grasp the situation, many parents hesitate to do that. 


Distracting their child is a go-to technique for many parents. In fact, distraction can actually help the kid forget about the injury and shift their focus on some other task. 


Once you’ve comforted them with loads of hugs and kisses and acknowledged their pain, it’s time to distract them with jokes or making silly faces. Children love that! 


Every parent has their own way with their child. So, make sure you utilize that way and spend some fun time with them to get them back to moving. 


Treat Them With Their Favorite Things 


We know how easy it is to influence children with things they love! If your child doesn’t calm down even after putting in so much effort, you can treat them with their favorite things. Now it can be anything – be it their favorite food or a toy that makes them happy. 


You can also call their friends over so that they feel good and get distracted. 


Bottom Line 


In the wake of any injury, your support, comfort, and reassurance can make your kid feel relaxed and safe. It will help them manage their fears and help them recover faster. 


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