Monday 22 August 2022

How to Cope With Work-Related Anxiety?

Does your stomach get flooded with butterflies when the work deadline date comes closer? Does your heart beat faster when you hear your boss uttering your name in conversation with other employees? Well, it’s work-related stress anxiety. And it’s common. 


Did you know nearly 83% of U.S workers suffer from anxiety and stress related to their everyday work? Data suggests that about 1 million workers in the U.S skip work each day due to stress, and due to that, businesses lose up to $300 billion annually. That’s a lot. So, the question is: how does one cope with work-induced anxiety? What can be done from the employees’ perspective to ensure higher confidence levels and low-stress levels?


This article discusses a few of the easy and effective ways one can manage stress at the workplace and perform better. 


Burst Your Imagination Bubble and Focus


It’s easier to fall into the trap of negative consequences when you’re anxious or stressed, but that’s not a productive approach. It can decline your productivity level. So, it’s advised that you get out of your imagination and, instead of thinking about the worst-case scenario, focus on completing your work with utmost dedication. For instance, if you’re about to present your project in a conference meeting, instead of anticipating yourself fumbling, imagine presenting your project with confidence and a smile.


Avoid Being Hungry, Angry, or Tired 


Experts suggest that being hungry, angry, or tired results in less emotional bandwidth. This is because too many negative emotions can cause your body to release stress hormones, which further affect different functions of your body. Too much secretion of stress on an everyday basis can also increase your risk of depression, weight gain, and heart disease. Thus, have regular meals, drink plenty of water and control your anger. 


Take Natural Herbs for Instant Relief 


Natural herbs like cannabis and magic mushrooms are widely known for their stress-relieving properties. You can buy both cannabis products and shrooms online. Make sure you buy these herbs from reputed brands which provide third-party testing certifications and have honest customer reviews. You can take these herbs before work or during your break to boost your energy levels and relax your restless mind. 


Practice Deep Breathing 


Practice deep breathing whenever your body gets anxious, and your heart beats too fast. You can manage stress and other symptoms by deliberately changing your breathing pattern. Deep breathing is also a significant part of spiritual practices like yoga, meditation, and tai chi. You can take deep breaths while working at your desk. 


Get up and Go for a Walk


When you are anxious, your body jumps up with extra energy, which can create cognitive dissonance. If you feel nervous and out of control, just take a break and go out for a quick walk. Roam around the office space or outside, talk to a friend, or just be with yourself; the idea is to get out of that anxious zone. Brisk walking can cause your body to release endorphins which help boost your mood. 


Well, now that you know the secrets to balanced work life, make sure to follow these tips and enjoy working.

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