Monday 29 August 2022

How To Prep For Your Fall Mental Health: A Listicle

We’re still a month or so away from fall, but all of us are feeling the impending change of leaves turning in color. While a lot of people look forward to the onset of fall, it also brings the inevitable end of summer that brings out the playful children in us. So how do we help our mental health flourish during the upcoming season? Here are five tips that will help you and your kids!


1) Gorge on comforting foods: This season is perhaps the best for those who love good food. Fall specials include pots and pies as well as baked goodies that waft the essence of homey ingredients. If this doesn’t take you down beautiful memory lane, nothing else will!


2) Organize your fall and winter wardrobe: Some of the ways you can build some excitement into this season is by looking forward to a change in wardrobe. While the summer calls for light and airy clothes, fall fashion brings out all the rich colors and textures. You can get your winter closet ready and color-coded as per your preferences, which may also entail some retail therapy, which can give you happy hormones!


3) Get your mental health supplies: One thing that we all do not look forward to while the heat turns into cooler undertones is the change in our mood. However, this does not have to be your story this year! We have a few nutritional hacks that can help you stay bright and happy throughout the colder months, even with lesser sunlight. Top up on your supplements like Vitamin B12, C, E, D3, and A. These can be found in red, orange, and yellow vegetables, citrus fruits, meat sources as well as leafy greens. To sleep better and get more rest during this season, try out CBD and THC supplements for anxiety and depression relief.


4) Learn to let go of the old: If the concept of fall makes you blue, use this exercise to take a page out of nature’s book. Just like the forests change colors and let go of old leaves to enjoy a moment of stillness, so can you. Try collecting different colored leaves with your children and write down the habits and memories you don’t wish to carry to the next month. This can be incredibly cathartic for your loved ones, especially if your children have trouble with seasonal depression.


5) Flow with the seasons: Thinking of the seasons transitioning into fall already has brought up several mixed emotions for us all. Though we’re at the peak of our sunny days, it is always great to flow with the changes as it gives us the space to accept more gracefully. While these changes can bring a shift in the mood, it is also a reminder of the incoming celebrations like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other festivities. Once you’re comfortable with the changing breeze, you’ll also enjoy the delights the fall season can bring.


Wrapping Up:
By following the steps above, you’ll be able to prep yourself and your mindset to acclimate to the changes that the fall season brings. We hope that you find all the coziness and comfort in our blog!

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