Monday 8 August 2022

Speak with Your Doctor About Low Testosterone if You Notice the Following Signs

Many people know that low libido, depression, and fatigue are the signs of low testosterone. Even though it is true, it does not mean that these are not the only signs showing you have a low testosterone level. Knowing other signs and having your blood tested to confirm low T levels is crucial. Look out for the signs discussed in the rest of the article and consider consulting your doctor.

Skin Issues

If you realize your skin is getting dry, it may be time to speak with your doctor. The cause of the skin issue may be low testosterone levels. People with already-existing skin conditions like psoriasis may also notice they get worse. Therefore, seek help from your physician. The professional may suggest a test to confirm low testosterone and devise a suitable treatment.

Low Libido

Low libido is the most popular sign of low T levels. If you are a man experiencing issues with libido, the source could be insufficient testosterone. The male hormone facilitates various body processes, including erection. Therefore, it is crucial to see a doctor if you have low libido. There are various treatment options the doctor will recommend for superior results.

Difficulty in Losing Weight

According to experts, overweight men or men who have issues controlling their weight have an issue of low T levels. This happens even during dieting or exercising. Research shows that men who added supplements to their diets, for adding testosterone, reduced weight by more than 40 pounds. Testosterone supplements also lower blood sugar levels and improve blood pressure. Therefore, if you have difficulty losing weight or keep adding weight despite a strict diet, talking to a physician is the beginning of the solution.

Remember, testosterone enhances muscle growth. When its levels are low, it does not grow the muscles, and the body gains more fats. You can notice the gain on the hips and around the belly. The expert will assess your body for the origin of the problem. If low testosterone is the issue, they will recommend treatments for improving its levels.

Stroke or Heart Attack

In addition to obesity, men with low testosterone are also fragile and have stroke and heart attacks. According to researchers, low testosterone increases the risk of heart issues and death. These are serious issues that need to be looked into by a professional. Therefore, if you have a stroke or heart attack, consider seeing a professional to evaluate the origin of the issues because of low testosterone levels. They may advise you to try TRT, the most-effective treatment for low testosterone.


It might be because of low testosterone if you feel fatigued most of the time and lack enough energy. If you feel sleepy even when you have had enough sleep at night, it could be an imbalance of your hormones. Therefore, seek help from a professional. You may also use testosterone replacement therapy to ensure your body has enough testosterone to facilitate different processes.

Reduced Bone Density

It will not be easy to recognize reduced bone density until maybe a situation where you get a fracture. However, the truth is that low T levels contribute to bone mass loss. Even though supplements help reverse this problem, they do not offer a permanent solution. The best solution to improve your bone density is to see your doctor. They will look for the problem's origin and devise a way of rectifying it.

Numbness or Nerve Damage

Low testosterone levels can also result in nerve damage and numbness. If you notice you get numb on different body parts, it could be because your testosterone level is too low. Testosterone helps prevent nerve damage. Therefore, adding testosterone will reduce this problem. If you have conditions like diabetes or going through chemotherapy and notice frequent numbness, your doctor will help you. They will analyze the situation and tell you if low testosterone is the issue.

Poor Memory  

A man may begin to have low memory if their testosterone levels are low. Even though this may not be the main reason for memory loss, low testosterone strongly correlates with memory loss. It will not hurt to see your doctor for confirmation.

Closing Thoughts!

From the details above, it is clear that low testosterone has various health effects. Therefore, if you are a man with low testosterone, consider seeing a health expert for solutions. Various treatment options like Testosterone Replacement Therapy will help resolve this issue once and for all.

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