Monday 8 August 2022

Reasons to Let Children Decorate Their Own Rooms


Two kids in red shoes standing on a bridge

Decorating is integral to making a house or apartment look like a home. It's what gives a place personal touch and warmth. Naturally, it has to be done carefully and responsibly. Some people choose to leave that job to professional decorators and designers. Some decide to do it on their own. But rarely do people let their children do any of the decoration. In this article, we are going to show why that is the wrong approach. There are many reasons to let children decorate their own rooms. It will teach them to be organized, creative, responsible, and much more.

Some ground rules

You should let your kids decorate but don't go too crazy. They are still kids and are going to need some help along the way. 

  • Help them declutter
  • Pick the theme
  • Set a budget
  • Prepare the decorations

First, help your kid declutter the room. Decide what to keep and what to throw. Experts at Relosmart Movers advise getting a storage space in these situations to make the process easier and give you more freedom when decorating the room. They can also help you pack your things. Now that the room is decluttered and clean, it's time to pick a theme and inspiration for the room décor. You can advise your child to look for ideas online, or if they have an idea of what they want already, even better. This will boost their creativity. Then you will have to put your foot down and set a budget. You can't give them an unlimited amount of money for room decoration; it would be irresponsible. Set boundaries and teach them to respect them. And finally, prepare the decorations. Make this a fun experience for you and your kid, and plan a fun shopping trip. Let them pick out what they like but don't go over the budget.

A kid with hands covered in paint

It’s a great way to express themselves

Letting a child decorate their own room is great for their confidence and individuality. Decorating is a form of self-expression, and kids need that at an early age. It gives children the freedom to be who they are and create their own space in which they feel comfortable. It will also show them that you trust them and have faith in their decision-making. That doesn't mean you still shouldn't supervise them. There are many affordable ideas for fun room décor. Try and guide them in that direction.

Parent and child holding hands. Let children decorate their own rooms and make it a fun bonding experience.

You get to know them better

As we said, decorating is a form of self-expression. It will give you an insight into your child's mind. And many parents find that helpful. Sometimes you can see if something is going on with your kid through the way they decorate their room. Maybe they didn't know how to tell you, and this was a subconscious way of getting your attention. This can be a great bonding opportunity for you and your child. Let them be creative but make suggestions and help them if they get overwhelmed. Research shows that doing fun things like this in your childhood makes the parent-child relationship better and stronger in the future.

Let children decorate their own rooms to make relocating easier

One of the good reasons to let children decorate their own rooms has to do with moving. Moving is stressful for kids. It also can be pretty sad, considering they are leaving their old home behind. So to get them excited about their new home, make them a part of the relocation process. Let them decorate their bedroom however they want. This will simplify the process for them and make leaving their old home easier. They will have something to look forward to when they arrive in their new house.

It gives them a safe space

A child needs to have one room in the house where they feel entirely safe. And that room has to feel its own. The best way to do that is to let them add their personal touches to it. It makes them feel a little more independent, and that's important for developing their character in the future. It also gives them privacy. Every human being needs their privacy, even children. They will appreciate being able to have some quiet time in their own space away from the rest of the family. When you let a child decorate their room, show them you respect them and their choices, which strengthens your bond and builds mutual respect.

Teach them to be responsible

Decorating a room gives a child a sense of ownership over it. Tell your children they can decorate their room, but that they will also have to take responsibility for it and maintain that space. It's a great way to motivate them to be responsible and give them chores. They will probably like the room more and want to keep it clean if it is decorated to their liking. Teaching them responsibility this way when they are younger will greatly benefit the kids in the future. They will create a habit and be more responsible when the time for it comes.

A kid’s bedroom with a blue tree decor on the walls

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are many reasons to let children decorate their own rooms. It boosts their creativity and decision-making. It also allows them to have a space of their own where they feel safe and have their privacy. In addition to that, it teaches them responsibility and what it takes to maintain a space. But you are still the adult, and they will need your help. Try and walk the fine line between guiding them through this and still letting them decorate the room how they like. But maybe the best benefit of allowing children to decorate their own rooms is the bonding experience you can have. It's an excellent opportunity for kids to see that their parents trust them and respect their choices. Make this a fun experience for both of you. And don't stress too much. They can't turn their bedroom into a circus if you supervise them. Who knows, maybe you will be surprised how much you like the end result.

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