Wednesday 17 August 2022

What to Do in the Summer Holidays to Entertain the Kids

Six weeks is a long time for children to be off school, and as the parent, six weeks is a long time to try to entertain them for. A lot of the time, between one to two weeks is taken up with a holiday somewhere, but then there are the rest of the weeks to think about. Keep reading to find some good ways to keep the kids entertained during the holidays.


Get Them Outside 


It is very easy to suddenly realise that your children have spent most of their time on game consoles or phones. The world that we now live in doesn’t help that situation, so always strive to get them to play outside. Being outside can help build a child’s confidence because it teaches them how to interact with other children and also how to deal with the elements. Also, it can educate them on a sense of responsibility, as you have put your trust in them to not go further than a certain point, and to be home at a certain time, and this becomes their job to ensure that trust isn’t broken. One of the main reasons why being outside is good is it gets them out of your hair for a little while too, so you can get on with daily tasks a bit more easily.


When Outside Isn’t Possible 


However, sometimes being outside isn’t possible, due to the weather or maybe even illness, which requires to be indoors. When this is the case, there are also plenty of activities you can do that stimulate your children’s minds, such as arts and crafts, which can help a child focus on their task, be creative, and use their imagination. At reallymaria.comthey offer so many materials for families to use to create some real masterpieces, and it is all affordable as well. Also, for other activity inspiration,there are plenty of sources that will give some great ideas.


Tackling ‘Mum Guilt’ 


The term ‘mum guilt’ is a new one and doesn’t always have to be referring to mothers - it compasses all parents. Parents need to remember to take care of themselves as well during the long break. It may feel like you working when the kids are off school makes you a bad parent, or if you can’t take them to the same places that their friends are due to expenses, it means you have failed them. None of this is true. Children can have fun anywhere if they are stimulated and have all the resources they need. The summer holidays can be the most fun but can also be the most draining and there is nothing wrong with sometimes wanting them to go back to school - most parents at one point or another feel the same.




Always remember to keep activities fresh for the children, don’t give into the mum guilt, and keep them outside as much as you can, and the summer holidays will disappear in no time. However, do cherish these moments with your kids, even with the tantrums and the sibling arguments, because once they are older, you will be wishing for those times back.


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