Thursday 18 August 2022

5 Habits to Help in Cultivating Active Discipleship

As a believer, you are a disciple of Christ. You are obligated to live with people peacefully, be honest and live a truthful life so that people can emulate you.  It is important to lead others through your deeds and words, which reflect traits of a firm believer. With that being said,  there are habits and principles that you must have to be a true disciple. In this article, we will look at habits to help in cultivating active discipleship. 

Ensure your Lifestyle is Holy

As a believer, you need to practice what you preach. Otherwise, you will not be able to persuade anyone to believe in whom you worship. Observe your life and do away with habits and sins that draw you away from being a good person. Follow the teaching and commandments that have been laid for you to follow. Ensure that you are living a joyous and righteous way. Treat people, animals and things you interact with wll. If you wrong  someone, you should always ask for forgiveness.

Pray Daily 

Prayer is a significant part of any believer and the disciple-making process as it is the only way you can communicate with your creator. Through prayer, you obtain wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit during instances when you do not know what to do. As you develop your spiritual discipline of prayer, you are better able to support the spiritual development of others. 

Be Rooted in the Scripture 

Scripture is the tool that your creatouses to communicate with you as a believer. It contains teaching and guidelines on how to live your life and treat others. As a disciple, you should be active in training others to follow the scripture. However, you can only effectively help others know the scripture if you are rooted in it. Study the scripture occasionally and attend discipleship training to help you learn the righteous ways and train others on the same. 

Create a Personal Relationship with those you are Discipling   

You should create a good relationship with a person that you intend to discipline together. This will build mutual trust for each other. Having a good relationship will help them be honest with you on their spiritual journey. They will trust and confide in you. You will be able to help them better overcome all the obstacles they encounter in the discipleship. Moreover, have a community of those you are discipling and let them interact, grow and learn more about God from each other.  

Be Hardworking 

Discipleship is not easy as it takes time and energy. You must be ready to work hard and get committed to leading others. Sometimes you will face rejection and feel like your efforts to lead others are futile, but you need to keep the fire burning. Also, you need to stay committed to building a deeper relationship with your maker through reading the scripture, praying and going for discipleship training so that we can discipline others. Hard work and commitment are imperative for effective discipleship. 

Wrapping Up 

If you want to be a good disciple you need to lead by example by ensuring you live a righteous way. Discipleship is not an easy task. You must dedicate yourself, be hardworking and humble and live harmoniously with your community.

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