Friday 30 September 2022

How To Help Your Kid Become A Blogger

MD: Today, even a child can start a blog. And the task of parents is to support their kids and control the whole process. Read our parenting tips and help your child become a blogger.

It has always been crucial for kids and teens to show themselves off and to stand out among their peers. And when there is a chance to demonstrate knowledge in a particular area, find fellow listeners, as well as make money online, this becomes even more stimulating. Many parents have a negative attitude towards their children's desire to start a blog. This is due to several reasons, which we will discuss a little later. If you see that your child is enjoying the process of creating content and fully engaging in it, don't try to forbid it. Try to help your offspring to develop in this direction while monitoring what your kid is doing on social media.

In this article, we will talk about the positive and negative aspects of blogging for kids and give practical parenting and blogging tips. Let's go!

What Are The Benefits Of Blogging For Children?

There are several advantages of blogging. Here are some of them:

  • First of all, the child will learn to stay in front of the camera, write correctly, be attentive to achievements and appreciate them. These skills will come in handy in adulthood, for instance, while speaking in public or during an interview with a potential employer.

  • Learn to accept criticism. Blogging teaches a child to work with feedback, including negative ones. It is crucial for a successful blogger to see constructive suggestions and distinguish them from hate and biased opinions.

  • Money for kids. If children gain work experience and, perhaps, even their first money in childhood, this will become an excellent foundation for their financial literacy in the future.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Blogging For Children?

Having decided to start a blog, the child takes on a certain responsibility. You, as a parent, must warn your kid against all troubles and help to cope with failures at the initial stage.

  • In the modern Internet space, when you are a faceless user, anyone can write anything. There is a danger that a child blogger will face insults and ridicule — the so-called trolling. 

  • Novice bloggers sometimes don't follow the simplest safety precautions. They can post something online, which unscrupulous users can take advantage of — personal data, place of residence, phone number, credit card details. Since many parents are far from the Internet, there is no one to talk to the child about cybersecurity.

  • Blogging takes a lot of time, and if it is successful, the child is completely immersed in the electronic world — shootings, edits, finds ideas, gets feedback, and adds virtual friends. The world outside the window ceases to exist, and the entire space shrinks to the size of a room, computer, camera, and microphone.

These disadvantages matter and are not the only ones. Passion for gadgets affects vision, posture, quality of sleep, and school performance. But, as they say, everything has already happened, and you can't stop technological progress.

Parenting Tips For Helping Your Child With Blogging

If you are constantly looking for things to do with kids, and your children have decided to start a blog, then it is definitely worth giving support to them. Let's take a closer look at how to do that.

  • Help to install and set up all the necessary equipment

Regardless of whether your child decided to create a new YouTube channel or write posts for peers, your task as a parent is to help find and master all the necessary blogging equipment. This includes setting up the camera, light, and sound, as well as editing the final video or publishing a post. Let your child know you are also passionate about the blog and are ready to help in everything.

For instance, if you and your child have no idea how to edit a video, you can figure it out together. For you as a parent, this will be another point on the list of things to do with kids. The child, in turn, will understand that you care. To begin with, you should choose good software that has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use but isn't inferior in functionality to professional and expensive applications. Movavi Video Editor is perfect for your purposes. Perhaps, you will like video editing so much that you want to change the field of activity and become a video editor. Encourage your child to explore different editing tools to enhance their content creation skills. Consider introducing them to resources like Adobe Express free video editor, a user-friendly application that adds creative elements to their videos and boosts the overall quality of their blog content.

  • Come up with ideas together

Choosing a niche is a critical factor in the success of running a blog and another aspect of our blogging tips. When your child has decided on the topic, it's critical to publish relevant posts or video content. And sometimes it’s quite problematic because of a lack of ideas. 

If we are talking about parenting tips, help your child and create a list of blog post ideas. You are older and more experienced, and your horizons are broader, so you can become a great helper and generator of ideas. Also, show your child a content planner and calendar. So you can create content in advance and not worry that school performance will suffer.

  • Help with analytics

Blog analytics is significant because it helps to determine exactly which direction to move on. Your child should know how to use various analytical tools. In the beginning, of course, with your help. This will develop your kid's analytical skills, which will have a positive effect on the future.

  • Blog monetization

Regardless of whether it is a YouTube channel, TikTok profile, or an account on any other social media platform, there is always an interest in monetization. And it is crucial to control what advertising offers your child receives. You, as a parent, are a kind of manager and are fully responsible for your kid and these ads.

Monetization will teach the child to manage money and help to become more independent both financially and psychologically. Always advise your kid, but don't try to completely control all the spending. The young blogger has the right to dispose of all earnings. Your task is to give blogging tips and help make a choice, if necessary.

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Final Words

If you already know for sure that your child is a blogger, take it for granted. You must find things to do with kids. Be interested in the content, show that you are also a subscriber, like, praise the stream, and discuss creative plans and ideas for the future. Try to help with advice, and search for image and behavior.

The needs of children are always related to what they do. Perhaps your young bloggers just want to be praised and heard. Maybe they expect this from you, but they find it in followers. Pay attention to your child and constantly study various parenting and blogging tips.

Thursday 29 September 2022

Things To Check When Buying Second Hand

As a consumer, it's your responsibility to check and confirm that you are buying a product that meets or exceeds your expectations. You need to consider the price. Is the price too low for the item? If it's unreasonably low, there may be something amiss. If a deal looks too good, it typically is. This is especially true if you are buying it sight unseen like most online purchases.

Here are some of the top things you need to check for when you are buying second-hand or surplus equipment

1. The Camera Body

The first thing you want to check for is the body of the camera. You want to consider the condition of the camera body. Is it dented? Is it scuffed? If there is a lot of physical damage to the body, you can bet that the camera was dropped and mishandled. This is a major red flag. You also want to unscrew the cap to check for the lens area. You'll want to look at the mirror and focus screen too. Try to see if there is any residual oil there. 

You want to look closely at all of the screens and other sensitive areas of the camera. You don't want to find any signs of oil because it could dictate that the internals of the camera are faulty. Try to position the camera facing downwards and use a flashlight to look inside.

2. Shutter Count

The shutter on a camera can be compared to a car's mileage. You want to check to see how many times the shutter has been used. This can tell you how often the camera was used. It's always best to avoid buying a camera that has a high shutter count especially if it's consumer-grade equipment. Cameras that are meant for consumers aren't meant to last nearly as long as professional-grade equipment. 

3. Sensors

You want to check the sensors too. You can take a test shot with the camera between f16 and f22. Try to shoot at the sky. You'll want to zoom out and zoom in to check if there are any noticeable blemishes that you can see. You can check for anything from lines to scratches to see if the sensor has been damaged.

4. Lenses

It's not necessarily a dealbreaker if the lenses show signs of scuffing or wear on the outer shell. However, you want to ensure the lenses continue to fit tightly. You also want them to turn smoothly. It's a good idea to check for any internal fogging as it can tell you if there are smears inside and you also want to ensure there is no dust trapped inside. You can connect the lenses directly to the camera body and test them out. You want the autofocus to lock on quickly. If it takes a long time, there could be something wrong.

5. Aperture Blades

You want to check the aperture blades. You can do this by pushing the lever that's at the rear end of the lenses. Some lenses do not have these. However, if they do, you'll want it to operate smoothly. 

6. Focus Sharpness

It's always a good idea to check for the sharpness of the photos it takes. You can use a test chart to do this easily. You'll want to place the chart directly on a wall and place the camera on a still surface like a tripod. From there, you can take some shots using a remote or self-timer. Once you have the shots, zoom in and see if it focuses properly.

7. Mold

You want to avoid buying any equipment that has been overly used in humid environments. Humidity can be a real problem for camera equipment. The lenses likely have mold and fungus if they have been exposed to them for too long. Look for web-like patterns on the lenses to check for this. 

8. Second-Hand Accessories

You are going to want to check to see if the camera comes with all of the much-needed accessories that you will be using. This includes all of the charging cables, lens caps, and more. It's always a good idea to find cameras that come with even more after-market or officially branded accessories. However, it's not necessary. It can save you money, however.

You'll want to ensure all of the accessories are compatible. You want the flashes and everything to work with the intended model.

9. How To Test The Equipment

It's always a good idea to start taking as many shots as you can in different lighting conditions and more. You want to take over 100 shots. Try to shoot some macro shots, some medium-range, and some long-range shots. See if everything comes out to your liking. 

10. Refurbished Lenses

It's always possible to score some great deals on refurbished lenses. Buying any camera equipment second-hand can save you a lot of money. However, you do need to know what to look out for and what to avoid. Use the tips in this article to save plenty of money that you can use to get great photography equipment at massive savings.

10 Essential Tips for Improving Sleep Quality

Consistency is key - try to get to sleep and wake up at the same time each night and day. This includes days off from work, such as weekends and public holidays. Your internal clock requires regularity.

Develop routines that help you relax prior to getting into bed. Calming music can help, a good book is another option, as is the traditional warm bath.

A bedroom that is the right temperature can help you fall asleep and get the benefits of uninterrupted sleep. Cooler is better, the ideal temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

A quiet bedroom is a haven for those who want a good night's rest. Make sure electronic devices (such as your TV) have been turned off. If you use devices such as a fan invest in foam earplugs, a 'white noise' machine, or an app that generates white noise.

The darker the better. If you are coping with light filtering in from external sources then blackout shades can help. Make sure that the display on your digital clock has been dimmed.  

Ensure that your mattress and pillows are comfortable, supportive, and designed to meet your unique sleeping requirements. Read these reviews from customers who like Nectar mattresses.

Plan to enjoy your last meal of the day 2-3 hours before bed.

Regular, low-impact exercise like walking, yoga, or swimming can loosen up joints, reduce muscular pain and allow for a great night's rest.

Avoid caffeine in the afternoon. That includes coffee and many carbonated soft drinks.

Among the leading causes of restless sleep is the use of products containing nicotine and alcohol. These disrupt sleep patterns and may cause you to wake up during the night. Avoid both alcohol and nicotine as bedtime approaches.

5 Ways To Improve The Quality Of Your Sleep

You're definitely not alone if you find yourself struggling to fall asleep or to stay asleep. Unfortunately, an inability to get proper sleep at night can negatively impact your health from a lack of energy to more pronounced irritability. In order to feel your best, scientists recommend at least eight hours of proper sleep per night.

Observing your sleep patterns is the best way to troubleshoot why you're plagued with trouble sleeping. Make sure to note how much sleep you actually get, what factors play a role in the quality, and how much energy you have throughout your day.

Once you've observed your sleeping patterns for a week or two, follow the five tips below for success!

1. Eliminate Lights And Sound

It is crucial to have virtually no light or sound present in the bedroom as they greatly play a role in the quality of your sleep. For example, a pitch dark room will allow your brain to produce more melatonin which is the hormone that makes you drowsy. For this reason, it's crucial to minimize your exposure to lighting, especially mobile devices or technology right before bedtime. It's highly recommended that you remove electronics from your bedroom to make the environment more conducive to sleep. Blackout shades and sleep masks are also great sleeping accessories for many. Lastly, minimize noise in the bedroom, or if you live near a busy intersection, get a white noise machine or install a fan to drown out the sounds.

2. Create A Comfortable Space

Since a third of our adult lives are spent sleeping, it's crucial that you create a comfortable environment and space. Think of the things that relax you, and make sure to lower the thermostat in your bedroom as cooler temperatures help induce sleep. A chilly room means that your body's core temperature will respond better to sleeping. Find out which mattress brands are best and invest in a new one.

3. Create A Bedtime Routine

Much like kids, having a bedtime routine you stick to every night can help condition your mind and body for sleep. Consider activities that calm your mind and allow you to fall into a relaxed state. Participate in things such as journaling, light stretching, meditating or reading a favorite book as a way to start your bedtime wind down.

4. Try Stress Management

Your ability to sleep well is impacted by the amount of stress you experience in your daily life. Though stress alone may not negatively impact you, it can hinder sleep if it slips into anxiety or worry. If you know that you tend to worry a lot, try employing stress management techniques right before bedtime. Deep breathing exercises, aromatherapy, and gratitude journaling are all great ways to properly handle the situation.

5. Avoid Tossing And Turning

If you find that sleep evades you, get out of bed and do something relaxing for a change. Once again, this activity should make you drowsy, so anything such as reading a boring book or meditation is a good start. Once you start to feel drowsy, you can safely head back to bed.

Sleep should remain high on your list of priorities. Even if you sleep well, you can still use the information described above to better your habits.

Still not getting enough sleep? If this is the case for you, consider the following additional advice:

*Write a written log of your sleep habits for at least a week.

*Turn off all electronics at least an hour before bed.

*Do some light stretching exercises.

*Keep tweaking your routine until you find something that works.

Wednesday 28 September 2022

Inspiring Tips To Prep For A Career Leap

Making a career leap is never easy, but every professional does it at some point. The best piece of advice is to plan for it instead of jumping at a chance when it comes along. In fact, you are in a better place to grab a random opportunity if you are well-prepared. However, there is no silver bullet to supercharge your growth journey. It requires strategic planning, consistent effort, and lots of creativity. Moreover, you can seek inspiration from others who have been there and done it. Let us share a few inspiring tips to prep for a career leap.

Time it right

A career leap cannot happen out of the blue, so you must time it right. Consider doing it when you are in a good place in your current role instead of waiting for things to be against you. You may end up making wrong career decisions when you are stressed and desperate for a change. Jumping too quickly makes you a job hopper, and waiting too long can slow down your growth trajectory.  

Embrace the right attitude

Embracing the right attitude is as crucial as picking the best time to make a major career move. You must be in the right frame of mind to get into the job search mode. It may be challenging if you are in a comfortable job, but the drive to achieve more is enough to step out of your comfort zone. Moreover, you may feel apprehensive about the money, so ensure financial stability to start with the right frame of mind.

Prep your resources

You cannot expect to make a career leap without preparing your resources. An updated resume is the best place to start because your old one will probably have more skills and experience than before in your kitty. Ensure your diplomas and experience certificates are at hand because your new employer will surely want to cross-check them. You can get a Fake Diploma certificate to share with them. Do not procrastinate on this step because they make a crucial aspect of your job prep.

Tap your network

Tapping your network is a good way to open great opportunities for career betterment. You may not have been active on social media networks recently. Rework your LinkedIn profile, rebuild connections, and get active in networking groups. Participating in niche events is a good way to get close to your new career goals. A proactive approach can make the journey smooth and fast

Leverage your strengths

The good thing about advancing your career to the next level is that you are in a better place than a fresher in the industry. You will know your professional strengths and weaknesses and have soft skills that come only with real-world experience. Leveraging your strengths is the best way to open the road to success. Showcase them in your resume and use them to impress recruiters.  

A career leap is never easy, but the right approach and optimal preparation can help you overcome the challenges it entails. Follow these inspiring tips to achieve the goal effectively and fearlessly.


Tuesday 27 September 2022

How Can Mums Stay Productive in Remote Work Setting?

If you’re in a work-from-home setting, it’s easy to get distracted and lose track of time. And if you’re a working mom, managing work and home can be even more challenging. 


So, the million dollar question:- “How to Make Sure That You Stay Organized the Whole Day and Get the Most Out of Your Job?”


While everyone has their unique ways of being organized, you can adopt a few effective lifestyle changes that are most likely to help you in this scenario. With time, you can make them a part of your everyday work routine.


Read on to know about the changes that you can adopt to stay productive in a work from home setup. 


Designate a Proper Workspace


Working in remote settings can easily expose you to multiple distractions, especially your kids. Hence, it’s imperative to designate a proper workspace in a separate room in your home where no one will be allowed during your working hours. 


If you don’t have limited space in your home, you can designate a corner space or any other area where no one can disturb you. This will ensure that you finish your work within the allotted time. 


Take Regular Breaks


While working from home seems like a dream job where you get to work from the comfort of your house, it can actually be more tiring than working from the office. Aim to set a routine just like you would have in a proper office space. 


This also includes taking breaks at a fixed time every day. This would allow you to get off your mind from work and relax for a while. After taking a break, you will feel refreshed and energized to be more productive at work. 


Take Cannabis to Relax Your Mind and Boost Concentration 


Did you know working professionals in America resort to cannabis and CBD to calm their restless heads? Not only does that help them cool down, but it also enhances their concentration level.


Most people smoke cannabis extracts like rosin as it is potent and produces calming effects. You can even cure rosin at home by taking the help of this online blog


Make sure to smoke or take any form of cannabis in a separate place away from the exposure of your kids. 


Talk to Your Colleagues and Stay Updated 


When you’re working from home, it’s possible to lose track of what’s happening in your physical office. Now that could easily become a problem for you if you’re not updated about things concerning your department. 


Hence, it is prevalent that you stay connected with your colleagues and keep track of all the essential updates. This will help you focus on your work. 


Pick a Fix Time to Wrap Up Your Work 


Ever since the trend of working from home emerged, several surveys have revealed that employees are now working overtime. Don’t assume the remote work environment to be a luxury that you can enjoy anytime.


This will not only hamper your productivity but will also kill the free time you used to get to work from the office setup. Thus, pick a fixed time to wrap up your work every day so that you know there’s a deadline. 


Final Thoughts 


Staying organized and productive in a remote work setting can be one heck of a challenge, especially if you’re a new mum. So, whenever you feel stuck or demotivated, you can resort to these tips and incorporate them into your routine to get control over your work life.

Monday 26 September 2022

How to prepare casino cocktail

Casino Cocktail

The Casino is a classic cocktail and it has a rich history dating back to before World War II. The original recipe called for equal parts Dry Gin, Maraschino and fresh lemon juice but it's evolved over time so you can now find this classic mix in many different locations around the world!

Hugo Ensslin invented the gin-forward composition. It is very similar to the Aviation cocktail. It also contains Maraschino, lemon juice and orange bitters. The main difference between an Aviation and Casino Cocktail is crème de violette.

These drinks are both elegant and sophisticated. The Daisy category includes the Casino Cocktail, which contains spirit combined with citrus and flavoured sweetener to make it more flavorful than just purely alcoholic beverages.

Other well-known Daisy drinks include the classic cocktails Margarita, and Sidecar cocktails.

Some History Details

Hugo R. Ensslin made this gin cocktail and Violette-less Aviation variant while tending the bar at Wallick Hotel in New York City. The 1917 publication Recipes for Mixed Drinks included his original recipe. Harry Craddock, the owner of London’s famous Savoy Hotel took many recipes from Ensslin's book and created his own 1930 cocktail recipe book which would go on to be published internationally. In 1948 David Embury cooked the Casino with orange juice instead of orange bitters.

The Casino cocktail recipe

This is the original Ensslin recipe:

● Two drops of Lemon juice
● two dashes Maraschino
● Two dashes of Orange bitters
● One glass of Old Tom Gin


● Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker or mixing glass. Add plenty of ice. Stir until a well-chilled cocktail glass.
● Double strain the mixture into a coupe, Nick and Nora glass or other glass.
● Garnish the dish with a Maraschino cherry liqueur or lemon twist.

Casino Cocktail Ingredients

The Casino is made from gin, maraschino cocktail cherry liqueur, fresh lemon juice, and orange bitters.

Old Tom Gin

Old Tom Gin is not your average kind of gin. It's sweeter than most and contains a higher amount of sugar, which makes it perfect for cocktails like the Casino Cocktail!

Maraschino Liqueur

Maraschino is a type liqueur made from Marasca cherries grown in Dalmatia. This sweet liqueur is used often in cocktails. Maraschino liqueur is used in many cocktails, including, the Aviation cocktail or Martinez cocktail.

Gin is a powerful spirit that can be enhanced by the addition of maraschino. The sweetness in this drink balances with its Bitters and lemon juice for an interesting flavour profile, which only requires 4 ingredients!

Fresh Lemon Juice

This drink is acidic thanks to fresh lemon juice. This makes it a sour cocktail. The sweetener maraschino liqueur balances the acidity of lemon juice.

Orange Bitters

Bitters are an essential ingredient for any great cocktail. Bitterness comes from the orange peel of bitter oranges and gives them their distinct flavour, which you can also use in your drinks by adding directly or indirectly with other ingredients like sugar syrup to make homemade versions more interesting!

Variations of Casino Cocktail Recipes

There are many variations and ways to make Casino Cocktails. While the Casino Cocktail recipe is the most popular, there are many other ways to make it. You can't go wrong when you use Hendrick's or The Botanist Gins, Tanqueray Gins, Roku Japanese Gins, Bombay Sapphire Gins, Gordon's and Gilbey's Gins, Seagram's Gins, Beefeater Gin, and Sipsmith Gin. 

Tip of the day

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Casino Cocktail Preparation

Combine all ingredients in a shaker and add ice. Shake hard. Fine strain into a coupe or stemmed cocktail glass.