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2 out of 5 report that condoms are their favorite contraceptive

A recent survey conducted by  LELO  showed that 79% of 4000 participants practice safe sex, with 44% choosing condoms as their preferred method of contraception. There's a big difference between contraception (measures taken to prevent pregnancy) and prevention (measures taken to preserve health and prevent the spread of disease), so always take responsibility when choosing the method. LELO  has always encouraged people to be sex-positive and enjoy sex and everything related to it. We want everyone to be completely open, feel sexy, experience pleasure, and enjoy; that's pretty obvious. But, besides us wanting everyone to have a fulfilled, intimate life, we constantly emphasize the importance of the responsibility which goes together with enjoyment. The pleasure of discovering all the wonders of one's body is also caring about safety and protection. Abstinence may be the option for some people, but for all who enjoy sex, some things just need to be covered before getting sta

How Hunting Has Made Us A Better Couple

My husband and I have been hunting and fishing together since we have been able to afford it. We didn’t start off financially fit, it took a lot of hard work and dedication to get to where we are today. We have guns of all kinds, the right licenses to buy and shoot them wherever we choose to go as well as a great 4x4 truck and trailer to get us out in the woods whenever we want to get up and go. All these things took lots of sacrifice over the years to save and afford the stuff we wanted out of life, teamwork makes the dream work.  Getting outdoors helps your mind heal! We love to be outdoors together. The fact that we go out of cell service is so freeing and relieving that it gives us time to connect with each other on a screen free level. Our minds are on the task at hand like hiking, tracking, shooting and navigating our journey. Giving your mind that break can help recharge your inner battery and talk about topics that gets so muddled by social media and the news.  Hunting is great

Best Ways The Elderly Can Prepare For The Winter

With winter just around the corner, now is the best time to prepare for long nights and short days. Planning your winter on time can save you a lot, especially if/when you are in your golden years. Find out more about mobility scooters here . Here are a few tips for making the winter months more comfortable. Make Sure the House is Warm The first step in preparing for the winter is to ensure the central heater is in the best working condition. There’s no better way to prepare than to have the boiler serviced a month or so before the cold season. Call the experts to check the boilers, radiators, fins, and even the thermostat to ensure they are working properly. Most HVAC experts have lots of time on their hands before winter; take advantage of this.  Although you know this already, it is advisable to set/keep bedroom temperatures to 18°C, living room at 21°C, and other rooms at around 16°C. You, however, do not want to keep the boiler running all through the night but rather set it to co

Tips To Care For Your Health As You Get Older

1. Keep An Eye On What You're Eating and Drinking While it may sound like something obvious, you want to pay close attention to what you are eating and drinking. You need to maintain a balanced diet. This is very important for maintaining optimal health. You want to avoid eating and drinking things that are unhealthy for you. The ideal diet would be low in saturated fats and it would contain a lot of vegetables, fruit, lean protein, and small amounts of dairy. As you age, it gets even more important to keep yourself hydrated . Your bodily processes stop working as well as they once did. You want to ensure you are drinking enough water daily. Try to incorporate more orange juice and other juices into your diet to encourage you to drink more. If you are drinking alcohol, it's best to avoid doing so in excess. Stick to drinking in moderation. Try to give yourself a minimum of two days per week where you aren't taxing your liver. Your liver needs time to recover from the toxic

How does Face Cleansing Works?

There are several different face cleansing techniques. Some involve using a foaming or exfoliating cleansers, while others use oil-based cleansers. Regardless of the method you choose, make sure it is gentle on your skin and works to remove excess dirt and makeup. If you have sensitive skin, avoid double cleansing. Also read: Ava Skin care Double cleansing Whether you wear heavy makeup or not, double cleansing for the face is one way to keep your skin clean and clear. The best approach is to choose a gentle cleanser that removes dirt and pollution and is free of active ingredients. You can also choose a micellar cleanser. If you want a deeper cleanse, try using an oil-based cleanser. The main goal of double cleansing for the face is to remove all surface grime and restore a healthy skin balance. Choosing a gentle cleanser that doesn't cause too much irritation is crucial. The pH level of your water-based cleanser is also important. Using a moisturizing moisturizer after cleansi

How to Budget for Your First Kid's Wedding

It's important to make the most memories that you can make together as a family, and weddings are one occasion on which you can do this. As your first child prepares to have a wedding, you have a major role to play as far as the planning and budgeting go. Read on below to see some tips that could help you come up with a workable budget for your kid's wedding and help them have an event that they'll remember for a long time to come. Set Clear Expectations You and your child both know that you want them to have nothing but the absolute best. That said, you should avoid biting off more than you can chew and make plans that are within reason. Listen to what your child wants and find out if it can be covered. If not, explain to them that they may need to revise their expectations. This is true for their preferred venue, attire, and even the rings that they choose. If you can't fork out the money for a diamond ring, let them know this and you may be in the clear from the star

Pros and Cons of Room-Sharing for Kids

  As any parent will tell you, there are many challenges with raising one child , but it is entirely different when you have two, three, or even more kids . Then everything you need to do is times two or three. But that’s not the only thing; you must also ensure that your kids develop a healthy and loving relationship with their siblings. And not every kid is happy when they get a new brother or a sister. Often this makes them jealous and resentful. To make matters worse, sometimes they will have to share a bedroom with their sibling. When it comes to room-sharing for kids, these arrangements can go either well or be a complete disaster. Unfortunately, this puts parents in quite a rough spot. If you are one of those parents searching the internet for  parenting advice  and asking yourself if a room-sharing arrangement is a right decision for your family, you came to the right place. We made a list of the pros and cons of room-sharing for kids. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you

Guide to better sleep; 4 tips to try out

We are all familiar with the feeling of being tired. It is often caused by a lack of sleep, which has been linked to a number of health problems. For some people, sleep is not an issue and they don't have any problems getting enough sleep. But for others, it can be a real struggle. Problems with lack of sleep are not just inconvenient but can also be dangerous. It has been shown that insufficient sleep can lead to anxiety, depression, heart disease, obesity, and many more health issues. This article will explore the importance of sleep and how you can improve your quality of sleep through various techniques such as setting a routine or creating an environment that promotes relaxation. #1. Create a bedtime routine A bedtime routine is a set of activities that you do before bedtime to help you relax and prepare for sleep. It helps you wind down after a busy day and prepares your body for the next day. Here are some tips on how to create a bedtime routine: - Start by doing deep breath

How To Conquer Self-Doubt and Feel Good in Your Clothes

Clothes play a considerable role in how we feel about ourselves. They can be a source of confidence or self-doubt. For many of us, the latter is true. We second guess our outfit choices, wonder if we look good enough, and compare ourselves to others. Sound familiar? If so, you're not alone. Conquering self-doubt is easier said than done, but it is possible. The first step is to become aware of your negative thought patterns.  Once you're aware of these thought patterns, you can begin to challenge and reframe them. After that, focus on the aspects of your wardrobe that you like. Maybe it's how the colour looks against your skin or how the fit complements your curves. Whatever it is, putting emphasis on the positive will help increase your overall confidence levels. Defining Self-Doubt and its Effects Self-doubt is an emotion that can be difficult to define. It's characterized by a lack of confidence in one's self and abilities.  Negative thoughts and feelings created

Healthy Feet Mean A Healthy Body

Our feet are an incredible example of biomechanical engineering, a fact that we tend to take in our stride (pun intended) until we suffer problems with those feet. And it is no surprise that foot problems are so common, we walk a distance that would allow us to circumnavigate the world twice over during our lifetimes. That's a long time to be standing upright and moving. You really should be doing it in comfortable shoes. Visit OrthoticShop to find the best shoes to keep your feet healthy. The following tips are made possible by Podiatrists in the UCLA Medical Group. They are aimed at helping you to maintain good foot health and avoiding any conditions that can affect your locomotion. The specialist physicians are all board-certified and focus on providing expert, comprehensive analysis and treatment options for a variety of foot and ankle issues. They also provide diabetics with advice on foot problems, as well as treating sports injuries.     Maintaining Healthy feet - 10 Essent