Monday 12 September 2022

Can You Live On One Income Comfortably

Whether you have been looking at taking some time off to recharge, have a baby, or make a career change you may have no other choice but to quit your job and become a one income household. Living on one income is possible but it will take some serious changes to your budget and spending habits. 

Just because your not working for a pay check everyday doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways and opportunities to do your part and pitch in wherever you can to make life easier for everyone. Quitting your job doesn’t mean you get to just lounge around in your pyjamas and sleep in until noon, you have an even more important job to do and that is budgeting, searching for ways to save and earn, and daily lifestyle duties that were previously pushed aside so you could pull in 8 hours a day at work. 

First the budget! 

I am terrible at budgeting, only because I don’t like depriving myself and my kids of stuff that we deserve. Like having a grocery budget it doesn’t work for me, we meal plan for about 5 days a week when possible but sometimes I don’t feel like cooking. So when we eat out we make sure to take advantage of sales, deals and apps like Ampli that give you cash back when you buy from DoorDash. Get $5 in free cash when you sign up and connect an account to Ampli.

Finding ways to save! 

Look at your subscriptions and see what you can cut out of the budget. Are you even watching those premium channels? I bet you can start filling out surveys with your time on Swagbucks instead of watching tv and cut those channels right out of your bill payments. Not only are you saving by trimming your tv time but now you are earning money or gift cards from a couple hours of everyday. 

Start selling stuff you no longer use on marketplace. Decluttering your life gives you such a clean feeling and helps to reduce stress and mess. You can sell nearly anything online and people are always looking to save so it’s a win-win!

Call your utility companies and see if you are missing out on any rebates or deals to bring down your bill payments. Some places offer deals every six months and all you have to do is call. If not see if it’s worth it to sign up for equal payment plans and pay the same amount each month for fluctuating bills like hydro, gas and water. Make sure it’s actually going to help you though because at the end of your equal payment term you either have to pay what is owed or get a refund back on your account depending on whether you are using less or paying more. 

Try making some extra cash!

People desperately need babysitters and child care in my area and that is not changing anytime soon. If you like kids and can take good care of them maybe you can offer babysitting services or after school care. 

Make extra money by signing up to become an affiliate marketer on ShareASale. You don’t need a website or blog to make money you can start today by sharing links on your social media.

If you have a large yard and big home you can pet sit, another very underserved market in our area. You can make a lot of extra cash walking dogs and taking care of people cats. You can even travel to them if you have nothing keeping you at home. 

Read blogs and articles similar to Funky Frugal Mommy because they can teach you frugal tips you can only imagine!  Follow our social accounts InstagramTwitterand Pinterestfor more amazing recipes, great articles, and helpful tips!

Decide what your future holds. 

Living on one income is great for some people but I can’t seem to justify it. If I had to be without my full time job I would be working my butt off with my tips and tricks I have learned over the years. I have goals and dreams that need to be achieved and with that I need money so I need to work full time and implement all the above tips and tricks. I treat my employment income as a must have and do everything I can to earn and save more each and everyday! Remember your retirement isn’t going to be well funded if you don’t work hard and save. 

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