Tuesday 13 September 2022

8 Powerful Tips to Declutter Your Home


Everything in your home, from the tiniest to the most significant piece of furniture, reflects your personality. Although these add a festive touch to your home's decor, too many things can quickly overcrowd the room. 

A house overrun with clutter is not only aesthetically unpleasant but can also make its inhabitants feel overburdened. Not to mention it's not a very pleasant place to live in, so everyone feels a bit down. However, with these tips to declutter your home, you can keep your house and headspace clear and clean.

Devise your organizing and cleaning strategy

Having an organized approach is essential when decluttering your home. You will avoid becoming overwhelmed by the scope of work if you stay on track throughout the cleaning process. Many people choose to create a plan of action by working on each room individually. 

Initially, they will clean and declutter one room thoroughly before moving on to the next. Focusing on a single room at a time ensures a thorough clean, whereas doing everything at once may overwhelm you and might result in a half-finished job.

Consider investing in a storage facility.

Decluttering and organizing relieve stress for many people by giving them a sense of accomplishment and control. According to the survey, 61.7% of participants reported clearing their clutter reduced their stress levels. The other 38.3% said that getting rid of junk in the home paved the way for extra space they never realized existed in their houses.

However, clearing out everything is not easy for some people. Most of the time, items that seem insignificant to others hold a significant value for another. If you are not ready to get rid of your precious belongings, consider renting a self storage unit. Self-storage units, like the ones at Westwood Storage, offer temperature-controlled units that keep your belongings safe for as long as you want. Many storage facilities offer units that are available in multiple sizes. It is important to do your research before you pick one as you don't want to just go for whatever is cheapest. Your items are important, you shouldn't brush over the essentials. You may find it best to go for one closest to you, so looking up local secure storage facilities will help you narrow down your list to help make a decision.

Don’t overburden yourself by taking on too much; start small.

You can easily fall victim to the thought, "throw everything away," while decluttering your home. This approach may seem to get the most effective results, but it is detrimental to your cleaning process. 

Instead of trying to eliminate everything in one go, start small. The first step is to organize and declutter a small space in your home, like a closet, pantry, or garage, to see if you notice any improvements.

Taking small projects first will make you feel you’ve accomplished much without exhausting yourself. The next day, you will be motivated to take on another task. Additionally, it allows you to establish the routine of organizing and cleaning your home quickly. Soon, you will become a pro at tackling decluttering.

In the long run, you will still achieve impressive results by doing one small project at a time rather than getting overwhelmed by attempting to do it all together in one go.

Don’t lose sight of your goals in the process.

Decluttering your home should be done with a clear vision in mind. For some people, tidying their homes creates a more comfortable, serene ambiance since an unkempt home can increase stress levels.

Decluttering your home is motivated by many different reasons, but defining them will help you focus on your goals. Some people have a pragmatic approach, like minimizing their possessions before moving or making room for their growing families. You will also be able to visualize how the house will appear after you have freed it from clutter and organized it.

Plan a timeline for the final project

Setting a project timeframe is as important as determining your motivation for cleaning. You can create a deadline for your project that is as loose or rigid as you like, but establishing a timeline will ensure that everything stays on course.

Set benchmarks for your cleaning project and mark off all the smaller milestones to keep track of your progress. Establishing a series of smaller goals helps you break up the workload and enables you to see tangible results quickly.

Employ a technique that will help you organize 

A system is helpful when it comes to sorting and categorizing your belongings. You can use many organizing techniques to weed out trash from treasure while decluttering your home. 

First, we have the KonMari technique by Marie Kondo. This technique encourages you to sort through all your belongings and keep only the things that “inspire joy.” Upon finding the items that bring you joy, thank those that don’t and discard them. 

The four-box technique is also quite popular for decluttering, in which you label four boxes: Give Away, Throw Away, Keep, and Store.

Pick a method that suits your style and employ it throughout the project. Following a technique ensures that nothing goes unchecked. All the elements are brought together so that you can sort unimportant items from important ones quickly and efficiently.

Bid farewell

The final stage is to bid farewell to the possessions you are letting go of. You can donate good-condition items to a local charity or give them to a friend or family member. 

Next, you can discard all damaged or poor-quality items. You can also sell these items at garage sales or online marketplaces. Based on your organization's process, you will have to determine what size dumpster you need. Typically, a dumpster of 15 cubic yards will suffice for most home decluttering projects.

Develop a routine of cleaning

Establishing a routine for future decluttering is perhaps the most important tip. Clean and organize your home regularly to keep it clutter-free, but many people find that difficult. In the long run, it will be easier to maintain a clean house if you set aside a day every month to clean it up and keep it that way. Investing in multifunctional furniture and storage bins is also a good idea if you want to keep your home organized.


You can declutter by removing excess stuff, but you can also embrace a new way of thinking and live by releasing the old. The main goal is to keep up with your current preferences. So, remain focused, stay calm, and smile as much as possible! You can hopefully bring more peace and joy to your daily life by following the tips for decluttering your home.

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