Tuesday 13 September 2022

How To Start A Fall Bucket List

Fall can be such a great time of year, the leaves are changing, photos are looking amazing with early sunsets and bright fall colours, warm soups and stews are back on the menu, and the kids are back in school so what could be better? 

We decided it’s time to start a fall bucket list and enjoy all the great things fall has to offer. So how do you start a bucket list and what activities can you add to make some great memories? 

Support Local Farms & Orchards

Start thinking about the weather and what events are happening where you live. Lots of towns have fall carnivals, pumpkin walks, and apple picking events at local farms and orchards. 

Use Fall Flavours For Inspiration

The flavours of fall can give you great inspiration for baking and cooking. If you are not much of a baker it may be better for you to enjoy some fall flavours at a local event or restaurant. 

Hike, Bike, or Walk Trails Around Town

The leaves turn such gorgeous colours in fall it’s always a great idea to get the kids outside and take some great photos. The weather is cooler so hiking is more enjoyable for everyone and you can see some great animals preparing for winter if you know where to look. Let the kids help you pick some trails so they can cruise on their bikes a few more times before the snow flies.

Create Some Seasonal Crafts 

There are so many neat craft ideas you can create with your kids for fall or even for yourself and your neighbours to get into the giving spirit. Wreaths are such a nice way to say “happy fall” to anyone you care about, pair it with a homemade apple pie and your going to make someone feel very loved. Take a look at these adorable fall craft ideas we posted a couple years ago. 

Take advantage of what fall brings because before you know you know it we are going to be covered in snow and rushing around to get the winter holidays organized! 

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