Wednesday 14 September 2022

Five Tips for Storing Your Vehicle in a Storage Facility


Whenever you plan to travel, there can be many different things to juggle. Whether you’re traveling for a short time or for longer, you need to make sure that your belongings will be safe in the meantime.

While taking care of smaller belongings can be easy, handling the bigger things can be a huge hassle. These belongings can be much more expensive, and coming back to any damage can put a damper on your entire trip.

Your car is a valuable asset subject to major depreciation if you don’t take care of it. Your vehicles are huge investments, and it can be hard to find a place to keep them safe while you’re away. Storing them in a storage facility is the best way to keep your vehicles safe. The best way to feel safer about your property being stored is with self storage gate access that you can trust, not all storage facilities have the same type of protection. Ensure you make a list of the qualities you’re looking for when storing your most valuable assets. 

If you’re new to using storage units, here are a few tips to ensure you pick the right facility and keep your vehicle safe.

Emphasize on Safety

Inarguably one of the most vital factors to consider is safety. A car is a huge investment, and you want to rest assured that it’s in a safe place while you’re away. Simply checking it into a garage or any other parking spot can be extremely unsafe and leave you vulnerable to financial damage.

There are several safety features to consider if you want to ensure your car is safe while away.

Some of the most important features to consider are constant surveillance cameras, which can help you keep an eye on your vehicle at all times. Moreover, guarded access is a vital feature that can further limit who has access to your compound in your absence.

When getting rv storage, it’s also imperative to look for a well-lit compound, which can make it easier for guards and cameras to keep an eye on the facility even after dark. Although some of these features seem like extras, they can make a huge difference in ensuring your vehicle is safe no matter how long you’re away.

Pick a Temperature-Controlled Facility

Temperature control is one of the most important factors to consider, especially if you live in a region with extreme weather. Even if the storage facility offers covered parking, your car can still be subjected to damage, such as rust, without temperature control.

These elements can damage your vehicle whether you’re traveling for a short time or long.

A temperature-controlled facility offers a space where you don’t have to worry about environmental damage. This facility can ensure that your car seats, dashboards, and paint doesn’t fade away due to sun exposure or heat and can keep your battery and engine from being damaged by either too hot or too cold weather.

Temperature control is vital because your car won’t be used for several days, making it more vulnerable to aesthetic and functional problems.

Clean Your Vehicle Before Checking In

Many vehicle owners assume there’s no point in cleaning up the vehicle since you’ll be checking it in for a while. However, placing an already dirty, worn-down vehicle in a storage unit can be even more rundown when you return.

Additionally, if you leave your car unchecked for a longer time, you may see some serious damage to the finish. Moreover, your vehicle can also attract a lot of dust and bacteria if you’ve kept it dirty for a long time.

Ideally, it would be best if you considered heading to a proper car wash before you check into a storage facility. Deep cleaning of the interior and exterior can help you keep your car in excellent condition.

So, when you return, you don’t have to spend too much time cleaning up or restoring your car. However, you can just as easily complete the job yourself. Thoroughly vacuuming the interior can keep any foul odors from developing. Additionally, consider applying conditioner to all surfaces to keep them from drying out and chipping or fading.

Flat-Stop Your Car

One of the biggest issues you may face if your vehicle is sedentary for too long is flat tires.

If your vehicle is stationary, especially in an enclosed space, the tires can start wearing away after a while. This issue can cause the air to leak out, and if you’re away for a long time, it can cause irreparable damage to your tires.

So, if you’re going to be away for a longer time, consider propping your car up on jacks or blocks.

Suspending your car on jacks or blocks comes with a two-fold benefit. It can help prevent your tires from flat and reduce strain. It can also lower the strain on your suspension system and help maintain your shock-absorbers and bushings in excellent condition. However, if you don’t have access to jacks, consider filling your tires to their maximum potential.

This tip can keep these tires from going completely flat over time, even if you’re gone for a few months.

Take Care of Your Battery

Whether you have a small or a larger car, the battery is easily one of the most expensive and delicate components.

If you’re going to be away for a long time, you need to take care of the battery and ensure it doesn’t drain away. However, the protocols for taking care of your battery can differ depending on whether you have an old or new vehicle.

If your vehicle is on the older side, you might want to disconnect and remove your battery altogether. Doing this can keep it from undergoing any damage. However, if your car is newer and has an engine computer, you can skip disconnecting it.

If you want to be on the safer side, you can install a smart computer to ensure that you track whether your battery is suffering any damage.


When traveling for a longer time, you may be apprehensive about your vehicle undergoing damage. However, when you keep your vehicle in a storage unit, you can rest assured that it’ll be safe.

When you follow these tips, you can protect it from any long or short-term damage and ensure that your car is in excellent shape when you return.

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