Wednesday 14 September 2022

Healthy Feet Mean A Healthy Body

Our feet are an incredible example of biomechanical engineering, a fact that we tend to take in our stride (pun intended) until we suffer problems with those feet. And it is no surprise that foot problems are so common, we walk a distance that would allow us to circumnavigate the world twice over during our lifetimes. That's a long time to be standing upright and moving. You really should be doing it in comfortable shoes. Visit OrthoticShop to find the best shoes to keep your feet healthy.

The following tips are made possible by Podiatrists in the UCLA Medical Group. They are aimed at helping you to maintain good foot health and avoiding any conditions that can affect your locomotion. The specialist physicians are all board-certified and focus on providing expert, comprehensive analysis and treatment options for a variety of foot and ankle issues. They also provide diabetics with advice on foot problems, as well as treating sports injuries.    

Maintaining Healthy feet - 10 Essential Tips

-Make sure to take a close look at your feet on a regular basis. Any change in color, texture, or appearance should be cause for concern.

- Make foot hygiene part of your daily routine. Wash and dry your feet carefully (especially between your toes). 

Pumice Bar Foot Health Age and Upkeep

- Keep the skin on your feet hydrated. The weather in Southern California can quickly cause moisture loss. This will result in cracking or fissure formation. Use a moisturizer to replenish moisture content (there are a variety of lotions and creams developed for this purpose). 

Foot and Toe Ailments Dry Skin Peeling and Toe Fungus

- Make sure that your shoes fit properly. Remember that the same shoe size can still vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  

- Make your shoe purchase toward the end of the day when your feet tend to have swollen to their largest. Make sure that they are comfortable, with some wiggle room. 

- If your feet are painful don't ignore them. If symptoms persist visit a podiatrist.

Pain Maintenance Foot Ailments Upkeep and Heel Pain

- Cut your toenails straight across, don't cut into the corners as this can lead to ingrown toenails. File away at the corners of the toenail using an emery board.

The Proper Toenail Cutting Approach

- Exercise is one of the best ways to keep your feet healthy. It helps to control your weight and assists in conditioning your feet. Make sure that you purchase proper athletic footwear.  

- Don't wear the same shoes every day. Alternate. Your feet have extremely active sweat glands and shoes absorb moisture from your feet. Alternating shoes gives each pair the opportunity to dry out. 

- Don't make a habit of walking barefoot - that can lead to injuries and subsequent infection.

- Don't ignore your feet when you are applying sunblock. Wearing sandals without sunblock can quickly lead to sunburn.

Source - UCLA Health System.

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