Wednesday 12 October 2022

Adorable Halloween Handprint Bat Wreath Craft

Looking for some adorable crafts to do with the little ones that you will enjoy decorating with? This DIY wreath is perfect for kids of all ages and is super simple and cheap to make. We get right into all the holidays every year and decorate the house, create themed recipes and movie nights to coordinate. 

As a childcare provider I find my days go by so much smoother if I try to plan activities for each day, starting the day with a blank slate is just a recipe for a headache. Doing crafts, baking, and doing sensory activities is so good for their little minds and your own sanity! 

All you need is:

Black paint
White paper
Paper plates
Duct tape or glue gun
Tinsel or garland
Bat image (found here)

Begin by pressing your little ones hands into the paint and create two perfect handprints. Let them dry.

Cut the centre out of your paper plate and save the cut out portion to use as your bats body structure.

Cut the dry hand prints out and glue them to a portion of the cut out plate piece. Cut all excess off so the bat is clean cut.

Now that the bat is complete begin wrapping your tinsel around the round portion of the paper plate that you cut the centre from. Use a piece of duct tape or hot glue to hold it in place.

Once your done wrapping use another piece of tape or some hot glue to secure the end.

Use a piece of string or ribbon to create a nice hanging loop and you are done!

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