Thursday 13 October 2022

Best places for single parents in Pennsylvania

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 Choosing a new place to call home can be challenging, with many options. One of the most responsible jobs in the world is being a mom or a dad. As parents, we all want our children to have the best childhood. In Pennsylvania, you will find many different places that will give your children the best possible childhood you could hope for. Let’s see which are the best places for single parents in Pennsylvania and find out what makes them different from one another.

Bryn Mawr is one of the best places for single parents in Pennsylvania

This old, historic area has a lot to offer for single parents. Although real estate can be expensive here, it pays off. Bryn Mawr is best known for having good opportunities for higher education. Moving can become complicated for a single parent, so reach out to pros from the area to make the moving process easier. With the moving process cut short, you’ll be able to spend more time showing Bryn Mawr to your children and helping them get comfortable with their new home. 

Philadelphia offers a variety of good neighborhoods

Northern Liberties

Philadelphia is a safe choice for single parents with kids. It has many different neighborhoods you can relocate to, but Northern Liberties is a fantastic option for single parents with older children. If your children love art, this is the place to be. That was formerly an industrial part of the city, but the many artists living here changed the neighborhood’s reputation. It is known for its many art galleries filled with local artists’ impressive work. You and your kids will easily navigate this neighborhood, as it is walkable and has good public transportation. Although this is an old, historic neighborhood, you will find that most of the apartments are modern.
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Bella Vista

Another great Philadelphia neighborhood is Bella Vista. No wonder this neighborhood’s name translates to “beautiful view.” This gorgeous, historic neighborhood is home to many families with children. The safety of this neighborhood makes it a good choice for single parents. What makes this neighborhood different is the old outdoor market. Besides this, in Bella Vista, you’ll find many amenities available to locals and tourists. Restaurants feature foods from all over the world, and you can do all your shopping right here in this neighborhood. Your kids will have a wide range of after-school activities they can take part in. Together, you can enjoy some of the many family-friendly events and festivities throughout the year. All of this makes Bella Vista a great place to raise a child. 

Chesterbrook is a popular choice for parents

Chesterbrook is one of the best places in Pennsylvania for single parents. This suburban part of Pennsylvania is the perfect place for families to relocate. It offers a variety of places to go out, including many restaurants, cafes, etc. The many Chesterbrook parks will allow you to spend more time outside with your children. That is a safe neighborhood where most highly educated people own their homes. That isn’t surprising, considering renting in Chesterbrook can be very expensive. Your children will have good educational opportunities here in the public school system. The one thing that separates Chesterbrook from other Pennsylvania neighborhoods is the close community. Your kids will have no problem finding new friends, and you’ll be able to socialize with other parents and share advice. 

Pittsburgh is a good choice for a family of any size

Another popular choice for single parents in Pennsylvania is Pittsburgh. You’ve probably already heard that the nickname of this historic city is “Steel City.” What makes this city unique is a large number of bridges. With low rent and many job opportunities, Pittsburgh might just be your new home. However, moving to a big city has challenges, especially if you relocate from one state to another. Experts from The Gentleman Mover mention that moving can be easy if you organize well. In the end, relocating will be worth it. Pittsburgh offers so many activities for families that your kids are surely going to love living here. In this city, there are many family-friendly neighborhoods. If your kids love spending time outdoors playing sports, they will love Highland Park. With so much open space, it’s easy to practice sports or try new ones. Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle won’t be difficult here. Another advantage is that the neighborhood is one of the safest to live in, so you will be able to relax when your kids are out with their friends. Chestnut Hills continues to improve yearly, so if you buy your family home here, you are getting a good investment for the future.

Single parents in Pennsylvania can give their children a good education.

Another safe Pittsburgh neighborhood is Point Breeze. Enrolling your children in school in this neighborhood ensures they get the best education Pittsburgh offers. Everyone feels like a part of a community in Point Breeze, so you will feel welcome if you choose to move here with your children. The many festivals held throughout the year will keep your children entertained during the holidays. 

Harrisburg offers a lot to its residents

You and your children can take part in so many different activities here. You will never be bored here if you like going out or playing sports. If you love living in a walkable area, then downtown Harrisburg is your place. You will have no problem getting around on a bike or on foot. The overall population of Harrisburg is young and has a lot of college students. Once your kids grow up, they can continue their education without moving again. 

Scranton is another excellent choice for single parents

Scranton is not only good for single parents with children but also great for spending retirement years. That is the right place if you are also living with your parents. Everyone in your family will be happy and find something to do here. You can spend time in nature by going on hikes or going for a swim in one of the many swimming pools in Scranton. One of the few disadvantages is that Scranton is not as safe as other options on this list.
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Final thoughts

There are so many options for single parents in Pennsylvania, so making a choice won’t be easy. Some places are more affordable, whereas others offer better educational opportunities. It all comes down to what fits your lifestyle best.

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