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Every living and breathing thing needs water to survive. Water constitutes almost every aspect of our lives and most of our bodies. It significantly affects muscle performance, regular bowel function, maintaining a healthy weight, and, most importantly, ensuring the skin stays in its prime. Hydration is key to leading a healthy and balanced life.

However, women tend to have unique requirements and obstacles to staying hydrated. But adding water to the mix can seem like an "I'll do it later" thing between work, home life, exercise, and everything else. And before you know it, you are dehydrated, which is bad news.

Dehydration can lead to dry skin, headaches, fatigue, weakened immunity, and other adverse symptoms. The situation can worsen if you are pregnant, already have children, or barely ever have time for yourself.

So, with that in consideration, what can a woman do to prevent dehydration and make water her best friend? Let's find out.

1.       Keep your hydration levels high during exercise.

Exercise leads to sweat. You lose some of your body's natural fluids when you sweat, so the more you sweat, the more water you lose.

And since water is a substantial component of our bodies, it's critical to replenish it. That said, you must stay hydrated whether you engage in strenuous activity daily or only visit the gym once a week to stay on the safe side.

At least a glass of water should be consumed several hours before working out. Try consuming salt before your workout sesh, as it'll help keep your bodily fluids adequately balanced. Moreover, pre-workout salt can also increase your cravings for water and allow you to absorb it much faster.

Furthermore, if you know you'll be sweating like crazy, you can try drinking low-carb sports drinks, improving your workout performance and helping you stay hydrated.

2.       Set daily water goals. 

You can increase your water intake by setting a daily goal. Setting a goal on its own can be inspiring and increase your likelihood of making long-lasting improvements. To be effective, your goals should be S.M.A.R.T., which is an abbreviation for the following standards:

ü  Specific

ü  Measurable

ü  Attainable

ü  Realistic

ü  Time-bound

For instance, a SMART goal for daily water consumption would be to consume 32 ounces (960 ml) of water. Recording your progress can also help keep you motivated to reach your goal and form a habit.

3.       Always carry a reusable water bottle. 

You can drink more water by carrying a water bottle with you all day.

Having a reusable water bottle makes it simple to drink water wherever you are, whether you're out and about, at home, working, or traveling.

A water bottle nearby can also be a reminder to stay hydrated. You'll be continuously reminded to drink more if the bottle is on your table or desk. Additionally, reusable water bottles are better for the environment than single-use plastic ones.

4.       Drink water in the morning.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? After pressing the snooze button, you'll check your phone or go to the bathroom. While it can be challenging for a woman to put "hydration" first, it can be helpful, particularly in the morning.

A morning drink of water helps regulate your lymphatic system by flushing your stomach. Your immune system will be strengthened, helping keep you from frequently becoming sick. Drinking water in the morning also helps your body wake up and stimulates your digestive system.

5.       Before meals, drink your water! 

Dehydration is frequently mistaken for hunger. While food contains some water for hydration, only fluid-based goods will be sufficient to restore your water levels if you're fully thirsty.

Your body will recognize when you are hungry and focus on hydrating itself if you drink a glass of water about 30 minutes before a meal. This helps keep your body at a proper hydration level, which leads to improved performance, prevents overeating, and even reduces waistline.

6.       If necessary, drink other beverages as well. 

If drinking plain water becomes monotonous, try to sip on other liquids throughout the day. If you have trouble getting enough water during the day, try these healthy hydration tips:

Squeeze a little juice into your water or seltzer. Google some of the best fruit-infused water recipes, or add slices of citrus fruit (lemon or orange) to your water.

7.       Consume more hydration-rich foods. 

Eating more water-rich vegetables and fruits will also help up your hydration levels. Here are some veggies to consider.

ü  Celery - 95% water

ü  Cabbage - 92% water

ü  Lettuce - 96%

ü  Zucchini - 95%

ü  Honeydew melon - 90% water

ü  Cantaloupe - 90%

ü  Watermelon - 91%

In addition to having a high water content, these vegetables and fruits are a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that improve your general health.

8.       Buy a water filter. 

Most of the tap water in America is safe to drink. However, if you have worries regarding the standard and safety of your tap water, consider using a water filter.

From pricey whole-home filtration systems to low-cost water-filtering pitchers, there is a filter to fit practically every woman's budget. Additionally, purifying your water could enhance its flavor. Furthermore, tap water can safely reduce waterborne bacteria and arsenic levels in tap water using point-of-use water filters, such as pitchers with built-in or faucet-mounted filters.

In addition to being more affordable and environmentally beneficial, using a water filter is preferable to buying bottled water, which is frequently identical to tap water.


That concludes our list of tips to prevent dehydration in women.

Almost every organ in your body needs water. Consuming enough daily can help you retain your health and offer many other incredible benefits. On the other hand, drinking little to no water can cause serious health problems and leave you with a dry mouth and weirdly-colored urine.

So follow the advice mentioned in this article to prevent dehydration. These tips will surely help you build sustainable hydration habits that'll serve you well in the current and future.

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