Monday 7 November 2022

How to Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable

Beauty products accentuate the way we look and feel but you also should know that the beauty industry is among the most prominent polluters of the environment. In simple words, what you buy and use for your beauty routine might end up in a landfill somewhere. This is why you need to adopt an eco-friendly beauty routine as a way to contribute in combating climate change and conserving our valuable resources. Talking of going eco-friendly in your beauty regimen, here are some of the sustainable routes you can take: 

Pay Attention to the Product Packaging Materials

Plastic is one of the worst offenders of environmental pollution. Some plastics are made up of non-biodegradable and waterproof polymers like polyvinyl chloride. In addition, PVC is linked to health issues because it contains phthalates, a hazardous chemical. Choose beauty products with eco-friendly packaging. Moreover, you can purchase beauty products with minimal or no packaging. For example, a bar of shampoo or soap.

Reuse and Refill the Packaging

Thankfully, some beauty brands have started designing packaging materials that are refillable. If your tube is empty, you can walk to a store and have your makeup, lotion, or hair products refilled. You can also recycle the packaging materials by repurposing their use. For instance, you can convert your old shampoo jar into a toothbrush or pen holder. If you can’t repurpose packaging materials, check if the manufacturer has a return policy and take the material to them for recycling.

Check out for Specific Ingredients

Some beauty products are formulated with ingredients that are harmful and toxic. These ingredients are not only harmful to your skin or health but can also adversely affect the environment. For instance, some sunscreens are filled with oxybenzone, a chemical ingredient that condenses in water. If you apply sunscreen with oxybenzone on your body before going for a swim, it may be a threat to the fish species. It would be best to go for cruelty-free fashion products, for example, Vegan Lash Glue for your eyelashes. The cruelty-free fashion products are made up of natural ingredients. These ingredients are non-toxic with histories of safe use and cannot cause any harm to you or the environment. 

Use Reusable Beauty Products

You will need to rethink single-use products like the wet wipes and the cotton balls you use to remove makeup. They can add to your waste generation. Instead, get products that are reusable. For example, instead of cotton pads or the wet-wipes, you can get a reusable pad that you can wash after one use and reuse as effectively as a new one.

Reduce on Wastage!

You might consider adopting a minimalistic approach if your beauty routine involves a dozen steps. For instance, a simple skincare routine will reduce the number of products you use. It will also help you to be mindful of the products that you use. You can also choose beauty products that you can use for more than one purpose, for example, a moisturizer that doubles as a sunscreen.

Wrapping up

Environmental sustainability is all about taking responsibility and accountability. It might start with manufacturers in the beauty industry but you also have a role to play. You can do your part by embracing more sustainable beauty routines and cruelty free products that will not only safeguard our ecosystem but also ensure that you are safe!

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