Monday 12 December 2022

Everything You Need for a Cozy Winter Picnic

We often imagine that picnics are just for summer. As much as we enjoy a lovely family picnic in warmer weather, enjoying our favorite treats and snacks (which always taste better outside!), saving money on days out, and spending quality time with family and friends, we’d never dream of doing the same in the winter. When you think of a winter picnic you might imagine sitting on a damp blanket, with muddy boots and cold hands, struggling to find satisfaction in a sandwich that would be lovely in the summer. In reality, winter picnics don’t have to be like this at all. With the right planning and preparation, a winter picnic can be just as fun, and warm, as a summer one. Here’s a look at everything that you need to enjoy a cozy winter picnic. 

A Plan

In the summer, you can put some food and drinks into a bag, put your shoes on and head out on a trip or a hike without too much planning. In winter, the weather can turn quickly, paths can be icy, and mud and puddles might make some areas impassable. If you want to go on a winter picnic, make sure you’ve got a plan, that you research your route and that you know there’s going to be a dry place to stop to eat. 

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An Activity

Sitting to enjoy a picnic is never fun when it’s cold. An activity is a great way to make sure you are warm, even when you stop. A challenging winter hike, a ball game in the park, or a scavenger hunt are all great winter activities that get your body working and warm you up. 

A Waterproof Rug

The grounds are often wet, even on dry winter days. Make sure your picnic blanket or rug has a waterproof bottom, so you don’t get wet. 

The Right Bag

You need more to enjoy a winter picnic. As well as the usuals, you’ll want to pack some extra layers, and warm food and drinks. This means that you need a spacious and well-organized bag. You’ll also need it to be waterproof, and you’ll want it to be stylish. A large, vegan leather tote from Modern Picnic can be the ideal choice. With a Modern Picnic tote, you’ll have plenty of room for everything that you need for the picnic, and you’ll be able to use your bag for your work lunch the rest of the time.

Warm Food and Drink

You may still want water to stay hydrated, but flasks with hot chocolate, soup, and even hot food like chili can be ideal for a winter picnic. 


Make sure you are well wrapped up in several light layers, and that everyone has waterproof shoes and coats, even if the forecast is dry.

Hats and Gloves

Hats and gloves are essential if you are going to stop to eat. They’ll help to keep any warmth you’ve generated in and stop you from getting cold. 

A winter picnic offers you a great opportunity to explore. Go for a lovely winter hike, enjoy the scenery and time with your family, while getting some exercise, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got a warming picnic to pick you up when you get tired. 

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