Thursday 8 December 2022

How Much Should You Spend For Flowers

Sending flowers is a common way to express one’s well wishes, congratulations, and even condolences. In Singapore where the cost of living is high, this translates to high prices for flowers as well. Not to mention the other charges that can also stack up, such as flower delivery, addition of gifts, and even customised flower gifts. Hence, choosing where to spend your budget will help you go in the long run.

  1. Below $30

If you’re looking to go really budget, you can consider cone bouquets which are smaller than the regular bouquet. You may also check with your neighbourhood florist if they have a style of the week to save on customisation costs. With a budget below $30, you will be surprised to find that some florists even offer flower delivery for them. 

At Fav Florist, they sell handmade mini-bouquets which are air-flown in daily and have surprise weekly bouquets where you can just pick from, without thinking too much about hte flower combinations.

    At another shop, FARM florist, you can find bouquets at $25, and inclusive of free delivery. Despite its low price, there is a large catalogue to choose from, with flowers of different colours, species and textures. FARM florist provides same day delivery, and they also provide one hour-day delivery at $10 extra charge.

  1. $30s range

    This range is the most popular and where most people buy their flowers at. With more competition in the flower boxes market, flower boxes have gone down to the $30s range so do check online for the cheapest flower boxes and flower domes on sale. In addition, you can also get the original cheaper flowers and top-up with a gift. Or you can opt for flower delivery if you are unable to make the trip yourself. 

You can check out TheSmartLocal’s flower delivery article on the best flower shops in this price range:

  1. $40s and above

At this range, you can get custom bouquets, DIY boxes, and more exotic flowers that will definitely make an impression. This is where creativity and making an impression knows no limits. You can top this up with premium fruit basket hampers, premium abalone, premium chocolates, the options are endless.

You can also opt for pricier options to keep your flowers, for instance glass domes or portable flower boxes, where preserved flowers are enclosed and able to be carried around.


With a budget set, you can see what type of flowers your budget can buy for you, and you are able to set some expectations for yourself. However, the difference between the $20s range to $30s is honestly not a lot, hence if you have the budget, you can consider the $30s range where you will get access to a lot more flower varieties, gift options, and free delivery. 

In addition, at times it might be hard to stick to a budget, especially if you are depending on your flowers to make a first impression. Our advice here would be to save on the smaller events and be prepared to spend a bit more for the larger events that you want to make an impression on. For instance, your wedding anniversary, or your wife’s birthday. These are dates that would definitely deserve a grander bouquet of flowers and gifts.

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