Wednesday 21 December 2022

How To Get More Organized This Coming Year - Name Bubbles Labels

Are you sick of losing clothes? Digging through multiple piles of lost and found items? 

Me too! 

Having 3 kids has really shown me how important it is to label their stuff. Going into daycare, after school programs, friends houses, and extracurricular activities we have forgotten plenty of items. When you leave behind sweaters, jackets, and the occasional pair of shoes it can really add up. Clothing , shoes, and accessories are only getting more and more expensive each and every year so it just makes sense to label your stuff to get it back. 

NameBubbles has labels for every child and even labels for adults. They have ones you can write on and erase as well as different styles that help your child put their shoes on the right feet. The daycare labels have these adorable half shapes that only go together in one way making left and right unmissable! Now that’s cool. 

Name Bubbles come in so many different styles for each individual child. Whether your kid is into rainbows and butterflies or dinosaurs and trains they have something for each tiny human. These labels are such high quality they last in the wash, withstand the iron and rarely ever peel off. 

What are they main benefits of getting personalized labels for your kids, friends and family members?

  • Save money by not losing clothes
  • Keep everything organized
  • Teach your child to read and be responsible
  • Teachers appreciate the extra help
  • They are adorable
  • Kids feel special with personalized labels
So why wouldn’t you invest in some high quality labels. They make amazing gifts for parents, grandparents and teachers. 

We like to put labels on all our winter gear as well because kids are always taking off their gloves and leaving them laying around. Having your name in your glove keeps it from being taken as someone else’s and keeps all our stuff together! 

I like to get packs for each of my kids and a bunch of my daycare clients for gifts for their birthdays and Christmas! There is nothing better than a gift you can get continuous use out of and saves you money and a headache. 

Take a look at the different multipurpose labels they have available for medical reasons, food labels, bottle labels and more! Name Bubbles is for everyone to keep their stuff together, not just little ones in daycare. 

Disclosure: We received a package of labels for free to give our honest opinion and give them a try. We were not paid for our positive words or told what to say our opinions are our own and always will be. 

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