Wednesday 18 January 2023

How Can You Enhance The Quality Of Your Cats Life?

We have one kitty, 2 ferrets, 3 kids in school, and full time jobs. This leaves our pets alone for most of the day to entertain themselves while we are all busy and working. Sadly we don’t get to sit around and entertain our precious pets all day and it makes you feel guilty.

Our cat is beginning to gain a lot of weight which is creating an even lazier and more unhealthy lifestyle for her. Our cat is unable to be an outside cat as well because we live beside a very busy road, lots of forest with coyotes and raccoons all around us, and there have been lots of pet knappings in the last few years. With Beans being so beautiful we don’t want her to get eaten or stolen from us.

So how do we keep her entertained and getting exercise throughout the day? 

Automatic Toys

Beans loves the Cats Meow toy, an automatic spinning wheel with a toy attached beneath a piece of fabric that allows for a great game of chase.

Find the Cats Meow here!

We love the selection of automatic toys you can get from Walmart these days. They have ones that spin under a mat and she can chase them, round domes with mice and feathers that pop out, and tubes and tunnels for her to run through when she gets the zoomies.

Schedule Playtimes

Make time for your pet the same way you make time for your job and family. After work schedule a decent half hour to an hour of time just to play with your cat. Pull a string around the house and get your kitty to chase you, throw pompoms and let your kitty hunt them down or fling hair elastics down the hall and watch them chase after them.

Cats sleep for 75% of their lives but you should always try to make time for that 25% they are awake and enjoying your company! 

This pop up cat house is perfect for small spaces! 

Take Your Cat Outside With Supervision

If you live in a dangerous area like we do and don’t trust your kitty outside it may be worth it to invest in a harness and leash or even an enclosure your pet can sit in and get some fresh air. Many people train their pets to go for hikes and walks but if your cat is scared of the outdoors your porch or backyard may be a better option for you.

This is our favourite outdoor pet playpen for Beans and our ferrets. It folds up for easy storage and has lots of space! 

Allow Playtime With Other Pets

If you have other pets let them play together and chase each other around the house. Bonding with other animals is usually very beneficial so give it a try and if they become friends that helps to take some of the work off your hands as they can play together. 

You may even think about getting another cat or smaller animal to help your pet have a friend to enjoy time with. There are always cats looking for new homes so look into adopting another fuzzy playmate and you may create a more fulfilling and joy filled life for your kitty! 

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