Wednesday 18 January 2023

What New Moms Really Want At Baby Showers

Women are going to be having babies until the end of time. With babies comes baby showers, hospital gifts, and of course good old fashioned congratulations gifts for these wonderful new mamas to enjoy! So what exactly are new moms really hoping for when they get gifts from friends and family? 

Bottles, pumps, and feeding sets!

Every mom loves getting new feeding sets, bottles, and breast pumps! The best options are created by high quality silicone manufacturers that have the safest and sturdiest products available for mom and baby! Silicone is safe and contains no toxic ingredients, is environmentally friendly, and has no terrible plastic taste. 

Some new moms have a tough time breast feeding or need to pump in between feedings so getting a breast pump as a gift can be a life saver. 

silicone feeding set is always a great option for babies and toddlers as they are silent when they get tossed onto the floor, and they make for excellent teething substitutes! 

Diapers & Wipes!

New parents can never have too many diapers and wipes. Always check with the parents to see if they need a size up from what they have currently though. Lots of others will be thinking the same thing and get them newborn or size ones and this can lead to an overstock in a size that may be getting snug. 

Receiving Blankets & Onesies!

Spitting up, leaking diapers, and messy feeding are pretty much all that happens during the first two years of a babies life. This is where those packages of receiving blankets come in handy, not only that but onesies in a few different sizes are always great. Little stain makers sure are hard to keep clean and the stains they make don’t always wash out, the more disposable clothes they have available to them the better off they will be. 

An Extra Hand! 

If you are trying to watch what your spending right now or simply don’t have the money for a gift why not offer to be there for the mom. You can pop by after work and do a load of laundry, clean the house a bit, make dinner, or simply be there to talk! Having somebody else around besides the father of the baby is always a welcome addition, believe it or not things aren’t always sunshine and rainbows after the birth of a new baby. There is emotions, hormones, resentment and exhaustion running through the household and sometimes a girl just needs a friend not the sperm donor!

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